What is First Bank Swift Code?

Are you wondering what First Bank Swift Code is? Or you have probably come across the need to find a First bank swift code simply because you have been asked for it through web banking while trying to transfer money to a different bank aside from yours? 

In short, it’s the bank’s way of identifying itself when transferring money overseas.  In this article you are about to read, you will know the swift code for the First bank and how to use it.

The First Bank Swift Code

First Bank Swift Code is referred to as a unique identifier for every institution’s branch in the world. The code is absolutely vital for transferring money safely from one bank institution to another. This swift code should be always confirmed with the bank or the recipient before sending the money.

The First bank Swift code is FBNINGLA  and it can be anywhere from eight to eleven characters long and is assigned to the bank’s primary office or branch offices. The NG stands for NIGERIA, while FBNL is the abbreviation for First Bank of Nigeria Limited.

The First Bank Of Nigeria Limited SWIFT Code is a unique identifier for your account. It can be found on your account statement or by contacting your bank. You can also find the First Bank Of Nigeria LTD SWIFT code on the TRANSFEZ site. This website has information about worldwide financial transactions. When you send money to a First Bank of Nigeria Plc account, you must enter the First Bank Of Nigeria Ltd SWIFT code.

The BIC Code

The BIC code is the first three digits of the SWIFT code, which is unique to your bank. The full BIC or swift code is 11 characters long. The last three characters are branch codes. The preferred branch code is ‘XXX’. First Bank has several different swift codes, so make sure to find the one closest to where you live. You can also find your local branch’s swift code if you don’t know your own. Whether your bank uses multiple codes is completely up to you, so make sure you’ve confirmed which one is closest to you.

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When transferring money internationally, the SWIFT code is used to identify each bank. This code is also used to track payments and transfer funds. In fact, you can look up the SWIFT code on your bank’s account statement. It’s a unique identification number that allows banks to send and receive funds.

Before transferring money, you’ll need to know what is First Bank’s Swift Code. This code is used to send and receive wire transfers. International wire transfers can be extremely fast. You don’t need to provide an IBAN account number to receive money. However, some companies require you to enter your Swift Code. Depending on the amount you’re sending, you may need to pay additional fees. To avoid these fees, consider using a third-party wire transfer service, such as TransferWise.


Besides being the first bank in Nigeria, it’s also a leader in international banking. Its subsidiaries in the United Kingdom and France, and its representative office in Beijing all have international footprints. It has helped boost the digital economy in Africa by issuing over 10 million debit cards in Nigeria. Once you have a First Bank Swift Code, you’re on your way to international financial transactions in minutes. It’s also possible to use the SWIFT code to reset your PIN.


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