GTBank Mobile Wallet Account

You can maintain banking transactions only on your phone number with the GTBank mobile wallet account. 

With the GTBank mobile wallet account, also called the GTMobile wallet, you do not need a Bank Verification Number(BVN) to create a wallet account. 

What really is the GTMobile Wallet?

The GTMobile Wallet

It is a mobile money service operated by GTBank in partnership with LonestarCell/MTN.

The electronic wallet service lets you perform many banking transactions, like sending and receiving money, airtime purchase, utility bills payment, salary payment, and many more with the mobile wallet account.

How To Create A GTBank Mobile Wallet Account

GTBank Mobile wallet

You can open a mobile wallet with GTBank instantly with their flagship USSD code. Simply dial *737*0# to open an account instantly without the worry of a BVN. Immediately, a MasterCard is issued to you immediately. 

You can have a daily transaction of #20,000 and your maximum cumulative account balance can be up to #100,000. The MasterCard issued to you can only work with local transactions and not beyond. 

Moreover, your mobile wallet account can always be upgraded by linking your BVN to your wallet.

The Maximum Amount In GTBank Savings Account

For a GTBank savings account, the maximum single deposit you can have in a day per transaction is #50,000, and the maximum cumulative account balance you can have is #300,000. 

This is a limited banking transaction only because it is a savings account. 

It is mostly used for small-scale banking transactions. If more is needed, you can always upgrade the account anytime for more banking access.

Ways To Fund Your GTBank Mobile Wallet Account

You can fund your mobile wallet via your bank app from your bank account and via cash through a verified agent over the counter at a delegated GTBank branch. 

Also, you can withdraw cash without a debit card via:

  • You can simply dial *737*3*amount# and follow the prompt displayed on the screen. 
  • They would generate your withdrawal code.
  • You can authenticate the request with the 737 pins you had created
  • Enter the generated withdrawal code into any GTBank ATM around you to retrieve your cash.

Meaning Of A Wallet Account

A customer sets up and maintains a wallet account with the bank for accessing the wallet services, mainly for business or commercial purposes.

The wallet account is mostly associated with the user’s account. How then does the mobile wallet money work?

The Mobile Wallet Money

The mobile wallet, as said earlier, uses bank account, credit, or debit card info to process payments. It saves these payment details in an encoded and secured format. 

They also help in lowering payment processing time, are economical, and drastically reduce fraud. 

Here’s an easy way of finding your wallet number:

  • Go to update the phone number on your smartphone
  • Look for “Update Phone Number” and click
  • Check out for Paytm Wallet Number
  • The number displayed afterward is your Paytm Wallet Number.

Final Thoughts

With the GTBank Mobile Wallet Account, banking associated with small businesses is now very much easier. 

You can easily operate an account with no BVN or a debit card. Also, it has become easy to learn to create a mobile wallet account with GTBank, how the money works, and an easy way to find your wallet number. 

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