How to Block Wema Bank ATM Card

How to block a Wema Bank ATM card is not a mystery that is impossible to solve. Stay glued to this page if you would like to know-how. 

Automated Teller Machine Cards (ATM Cards) are plastic issued cards with chips issued by banks to customers to withdraw cash and execute daily transactions wherever they are. 

Its advent has helped in preventing going to the bank regularly to withdraw money and has made it easier to purchase goods and services in the comfort of our homes. 

Such cards are visa cards, master cards, etc. and these cards can only be used at ATMs and require a PIN (Personal Identification Number). 

All withdrawals using an ATM card are immediately deducted from the customer’s account. All banks or financial institutions issue these cards for the convenience of their customers, including Wema Bank. 


Types Of ATM Cards

ATM cards come in various types: Debit cards, Credit cards.

Credit Card

Credit cards allow a consumer to purchase goods and services on loan against an agreed credit. It is a loan and will be repaid at a later date. Unlike debit cards, all expenses are not automatically removed from your checking account. 

Debit Cards

Debit cards do everything ATM cards do but can also be used for purchases anywhere ATM cards are accepted, including retail stores and online sites. They deduct directly the cost of these transactions from the customer’s account. The issuer of these cards i.e. the bank will often charge a monthly fee for using the debit card. Types of debit cards include Visa Debit Card, Mastercard, etc. 

How to Block Wema Bank ATM Card

There is a need for a very fast means of blocking an ATM card so as to prevent some unfortunate occurrences such as loss of funds, unauthorized transactions, etc. 

Wema Bank has created several possible ways for their customers to easily block their misplaced or stolen ATM cards. 

Some of the ways you can block your Wema bank ATM card include;

  • USSD Code
  • Through SMS
  • Wema Bank Mobile App
  • Mobile Internet Banking
  • Customer Care Service
  • Visit any Wema Bank Branch


  1. USSD Code

Using the Wema bank USSD code option to block your compromised Wema bank ATM card is the easiest and fastest.

Follow the steps below:

  • Dial *945# on your mobile phone using the phone number linked to your Wema bank account
  • Select SELF- OPTION 
  • Then follow the prompt response to complete the process of blocking your ATM card.


  1. Through SMS

Through SMS, you can also block your Wema bank ATM card. All you need to do is send CARD ATM OFF to 33352 from the phone number registered with your Wema bank account.

You can also reach Wema Bank support by sending your request to 07051112111


  1. Wema Bank Mobile App

The Wema bank mobile app also known as ALAT/Wema Mobile gives you total control over your bank account and renders various services. 

With the Wema bank mobile app, you can block your ATM card. Follow the procedures below:

  • Download the Wema bank mobile app ALAT from the Playstore or Appstore
  • Sign in using your username or password ( New users should register with your ATM card details)
  • Select CARD OPTIONS from the menu
  • Tick the reason why you want to block your card
  • Input your ATM pin to complete the process. 

Wema block will block your ATM instantly.


Mobile Internet Banking

Mobile internet banking is another option available to Wema Bank customers to block their ATM cards. 

Here, you will need an internet connection and a smartphone, then follow the steps below:

  • Open the Wema Bank site –
  • Sign in with your user ID and password
  • Click on CARDS from the page 
  • Select BLOCK CARD and tick the reason 
  • Click on SUBMIT to complete the process. 

Do not forget that to use this option, you have to register on the Wema Bank mobile internet platform.


  1. Customer Care Service

You can directly contact the Wema Bank customer service outlets or send a message to the appropriate quarters to block your ATM card.

The customer care service outlets are:







  1. Visit any Wema Bank Branch

This is another way you can block your Wema Bank ATM card. Visit any Wema Bank branch around you and approach the customer help desk with your request. 

Some information will be requested of you before your request is processed. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for the ATM to be blocked?

Answer – The ATM card will be blocked the instant you place the request.

How can I block my Wema Bank ATM by SMS?

Answer – Just send CARD ATM OFF to 33352

What should I do if my ATM card is lost?

Answer – Once you notice ‌your ATM card is missing, ‌block it immediately. 

Can an ATM card be tracked?

Answer – There is no ‌means of tracking a misplaced or stolen ATM card. The smart chip on the ATM card doesn’t work to track your ATM card. 

Final Thoughts

Banks issue ATM cards for straightforward transactions between customers. Now that you know the various ways how to block Wema Bank ATM card (through SMS, USSD code, internet banking, and customer care services), you will be more at peace when you lose your cards.

However, it is important to always stay conscious of your ATM card, and anytime you find it misplaced or stolen, immediately request to block the ATM card. 


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