How to Buy Data from UBA Bank Account

It is widely known that most commercial banks in Nigeria now have a USSD banking platform that allows all their customers to manage their accounts anytime, anywhere. United Bank For Africa is one of the reputable bank institutions in Nigeria and Africa that has made life easier for their customer by carrying out transactions on their accounts without having to go to the bank.

 In this article, I will be taking you through how to use UBA Mobile banking to buy data and to use the platform to your advantage. You will also get to know the appropriate UBA USSD Code for different transactions as an account holder.


UBA USSD Code for Mobile Banking

UBA is one of the oldest banks in Africa and the bank is popular for its amazing transaction experience in its several branches. United Bank of Africa has launched its USSD code because they try to improve its services from time to time, the  USSD code service is named UBA “919 Magic Banking”. This code service lets customers do cash transactions easily and comfortably without using any application or data.

 It is also launched to aid the cashless society and eradicate the need for customers to visit the bank physically for transactions to be completed, all you need is just to have your mobile phone with you now. There are some benefits that come with using this USSD code such as getting up to a 50% bonus on every airtime purchase, this is enjoyable because the airtime transaction is how you are going to buy your data.

How to Buy Data from UBA Account

Unfortunately, there is no direct way to buy data from UBA USSD Banking. The only way to do this is just to buy airtime from the mobile banking service and then move to your network provider to buy the data. To this, simply follow the below steps;

  • To buy airtime for the phone number linked to your UBA account, just dial *919*Amount# for example, *919*1000#
  •  If you want to buy airtime to another phone number that is not linked to your UBA account, dial *919*Amount*Phone Number# For example, *919*1000*08161718191#
  • Once the airtime is sent to you, you can now go ahead to buy the data from your network provider by selecting the data plan you will like to buy for your phone and this will be done instantly.

Note that the daily recharge limit on UBA USSD Banking is #5,000 and to get the 50% airtime bonus, you must have recharged at least #500 from 9:19 AM. Only the first 100 customers from the timeframe will be only be rewarded and it is capped at #500. For example, #1,000 airtime recharge will still give you an extra #500. Any recharge you do that is above #1000 will still give you a capped bonus of #500.

Advantages of Using The UBA USSD Code.

There are some benefits that are attached to using the UBA USSD Code such as the following

  • It is very fast and effective compared to physical banking.
  • USSD Code works perfectly well on all kinds of phones and networks.
  • Mobile transactions are always secure and safe to use anytime, anywhere.
  • This service can be operated by anybody, either young or old.

All these benefits and more are attached to using the USSD Code for all your airtime recharge for data purchases. You can even know how to check your BVN on UBA through this code. Through this USSD code, you can also know how to check your BVN on UBA

Things You Can Do with UBA USSD Code

The UBA USSD code *919# has numerous functions it served account holders other than transferring money from UBA to UBA or from UBA to any other bank in Nigeria. Some of these benefits are as follows:

  • The code can be used to create a UBA account.
  • It can be used to transfer funds 
  • It can be used to pay any type of bills
  • You can use it to access the UBA Mini-account statement
  • It can also be used to buy airtime etc


You should take note that, you have to use the phone number that is registered with your UBA account to activate this code on your phone.

How to Activate Mobile Banking USSD Code on Your Phone.

Every UBA account holder must activate his or her phone number with the UBA mobile banking to be able to easily use and benefit from the opportunity. To get this done, you should follow the steps below:


  • Simply dial *919# with your registered mobile phone number
  • Then follow the pop-up instructions to activate your Sim card
  • Create yourself a UBA transfer PIN
  • Finally, activate the PIN and start using and enjoying the UBA USSD banking services.



In a bid to make banking life easier for their customers, United Bank For Africa also joined the moving trend of mobile banking that makes life easier. This code is available for all bank account holders to activate and use on their mobile phones. So, as soon as you recieve your airtime from your UBA account, just use it to buy as much data as you want for yourself and your loved ones.


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