How To Check UBA Account Number Using Code

Would you like to know how to check UBA account number using code or something else? Find out from this amazing piece I put together just for you!

An account number is a must for anyone who entrusts his money in the hands of a bank or any financial institution. The institution must also provide a way to get the account number, and other details in case the customer needs it.

United Bank for Africa, as one of the leading financial houses, is undoubtedly one that won’t be found wanting in this aspect of customer service and relations.

There are multiple ways to get it done that UBA has provided for the use of its esteemed customers, online and offline, to relieve the stress of visiting the banking hall for inquiries about their account numbers.

For the benefit of people who have chosen UBA as their preferred bank, we have compiled the ways to check your account number in case you’ve forgotten it or misplaced it among other reasons.

How to Check UBA Account Number Using Code

Banks in Nigeria have changed their mode of account creation in recent times, and the way they also present account numbers to customers must surely change. 

They love to send it via SMS now, as opposed to the printed paper which we are being given in years gone by.

United Bank for Africa, known as UBA, has a shortcode, *919#. They created the code for many purposes, that include the opening of accounts, transfer of funds, payment of bills & checking of the account number. Also, it is the recharge code of the bank.

Using a shortcode doesn’t require you to connect to your router, as it is offline & it is done by following the steps below.

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  • Dial *919# with the number which was used to open the account
  • Details such as date of birth, full name & BVN may be shown to be required
  • You will receive the account number via text, instantly

As easy as that, it will surely avoid a repeat of embarrassing moments.

However, there are other ways to check UBA account number with your phone. This includes:

How to Check UBA Account Number Via Mobile App

Once you download the UBA mobile app to your smartphone and follow the due process, do as listed below;

  • Log on to the App
  • It will display your Account Number

Checking Via Online Banking

As stated earlier, you can check the account number online and offline. Another way of checking and knowing your balance is checking through the internet.

You will need to register as a UBA Internet Banking User before you are able to check your balance, and you can do it here

Once you do that, log on to the platform, and it will display your account number on the page.

Checking Via Social Media

Social Media has become a tool for interacting with customers for most companies in Nigeria. Interestingly, this does not exempt financial institutions. 

A message on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will solve the issue at hand.

  • Log on to your social media account
  • Search for United Bank for Africa, and take note of the one with the blue mark which signifies verification
  • Follow or Like the page/account and send a Direct Message (DM)
  • They will ask you to provide your Account name, Account number, date of birth, and phone number for account confirmation
  • Your account balance will be verified and sent to you

Checking Via eMail

Another option to solve the problem of knowing your account number is to send a mail to the bank, and a mail address is all you need.

The name attached to the account is very important when sending the mail, and the date of birth, alongside the details you will need to provide once the agent requests for it.

Typically, they respond within minutes of receiving the mail.

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United Bank for Africa has options in abundance for customers when trying to solve account-related issues without stress, and from the convenience of their homes. 

Undoubtedly, there are multiple convenient ways to explore on how to check UBA account number.

Therefore, make the most of it all and get your requests and complaints attended to in an instant.

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