how to clean a boc sandal with leather upper

How to Clean a Boc Sandal With Leather Upper

If you have a pair of leather boc sandals, there are several ways you can clean them effectively. You can use a microfiber cloth, Pink Miracle Shoe Cleaner Kit, or Shoe conditioner. All of these methods will make your boc sandals look brand new.

7 ways to clean boc sandals with leather upper

Leather-covered shoes can be tricky to clean, but there are a few things you can do to keep them looking as good as new. The first step is to remove any solid materials, such as dirt, from the shoes. You can do this by using a soft cloth or brush. Just remember to be gentle, as abrasive materials can leave permanent marks. Then, you can apply a leather conditioner to help maintain the leather’s condition.

One of the dirtiest parts of your sandals is the footbed, which can be made from cork or leather. A little cleaning solution of baking soda, water, and dish detergent can remove dirt and odors from leather sandals. Make sure you avoid soaking the leather in the solution, as this could damage the fabric. After you have used the solution, let your sandals dry for a few hours.


To clean your boc sandal with leather upper, you need a microfiber cloth with a nonabrasive texture. This cloth is ideal for preventing scuffs on the leather and buffing up any existing flaws. You can also use a leather conditioner, which will help keep the leather hydrated and looking new.

Microfiber cloths are more absorbent than cotton cloths. The fibers in this cloth are composed of one continuous filament, which means that they absorb cleaning solutions better and do not leave any lint behind. This makes them a great choice for cleaning leather uppers and other types of footwear.

Pink Miracle Shoe Cleaner Kit

If you’re tired of your leather-upper boc sandal looking grimy and dingy, you should try cleaning it with a shoe cleaner. While it takes some elbow grease, this product will help you remove the dirt and grime that accumulates after a day of wearing it.

Shoe conditioner

Cleaning a boc sandal with leather upper can be an easy task if you follow some basic steps. The first step is to dampen your sandal with warm water. Use a brush with a soft bristle and then apply the cleaning solution. If the stain is very difficult to remove, you can also use baking soda paste. After cleaning the upper, simply wipe it dry.

A mild dish detergent mixed with water is an excellent option to clean leather uppers. Simply mix it with a bit of warm water and then use it to clean the sandals. Once the cleaning process is done, make sure to leave the sandals out of direct sunlight or heat. When finished, wipe dry with a clean cloth.

Shoe brush

One of the best tools for cleaning a boc sandal with leather upper is a shoe brush. You can use it to clean the upper and outsole of your sandal. The brush is made of soft, genuine horsehair, which prevents it from scratching. You can use it on both smooth and embossed leather surfaces.

Shoe brushes should be cleaned after every use to prevent buildup. Typically, shoe brushes are cleaned by scrubbing them with soap or shampoo, but you can use mineral spirits to clean them too. After cleaning, the shoe brush should be dried thoroughly. After the brush is dried, you can apply some water repellent to the leather.

A suede brush is another option for cleaning your boc sandal. These brushes should be used with gentle movements. However, you should use a suede brush only after washing the shoes.

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