how to clean and condition nubuck leather

How to Clean and Condition Nubuck Leather

Nubuck leather has several benefits, including being durable and water-resistant. It also absorbs moisture, making it the perfect material for shoes and other accessories. However, it is important to know how to clean and condition this type of leather. Proper preparation is vital in order to preserve the material’s beauty.

Nubuck leather is more robust

To make nubuck leather last longer and look great, you should clean it with a solution of washing-up liquid and cold water. Always use a clean toothbrush to apply the solution. Nubuck leather has a similar texture to suede, but is made from the outer layer of an animal’s hide. This makes it tougher and more durable.

Traditionally, nubuck leather was made from buckskin, but it can also be made from calfskin. Calfskin is plentiful and easy to obtain, and manufacturers use the outer layer of the hide. The outer layer, or top-grain leather, is then sanded down to create the velvet-like appearance. This makes the leather resilient and resistant to staining.


If you own a piece of durable nubuck leather, you need to know how to clean and condition it to ensure its long-lasting beauty. This material is highly absorbent and can easily become stained by dirt and other elements. However, you should not worry, as there are several ways to clean and condition nubuck leather.

The first thing that you should do is to clean the leather as often as possible. This is especially important for shoes and other items made of nubuck, as they absorb dirt like a sponge. Once you’ve cleaned it, you can apply a waterproofing spray. This will create a protective layer and make it easier to clean.


Nubuck leather can be a difficult material to clean and maintain. It is prone to water stains, scratching and collecting dirt. While it is waterproof, it is also not water-resistant and must be treated with special care to prevent water damage and mildew. You can use SAHARA waterproofing spray to protect your Nubuck leather from stains. For best results, apply it in two or three thin layers and allow 8 hours between each coat.

When cleaning Nubuck leather, use a special cloth designed for this material. These cloths are available from good retailers and will have a special Nubuck cleaner integrated into their fibres. Use the cloth to lightly wipe away excess water from Nubuck leather. Do not rub the leather with a wet cloth as this will cause further damage to the leather’s structure.

Water resistant

Protecting your water resistant Nubuck leather is crucial if you want to prolong the life of your leather goods. You can do this by using a waterproofing spray, which should be available at any good leather goods store. You should apply this spray at least twice a year. If you do not apply it properly, you may end up ruining the structure of the leather.

Besides cleaning the leather, you can also protect your nubuck leather by conditioning it regularly. A waterproofing spray is a great option for this type of leather, as it will protect it from water damage and stains.

Protective spray

Protective spray for nubuck leather can help prevent stains from appearing on your leather products. There are two types of sprays on the market – water-based and alcohol-based. Both will provide protection from the elements. Water is the biggest threat to most nubucks, but there are several options for protecting your leather from it.

One of the most popular types of waterproofing sprays is a water-based one. These products repel water, oil, and grease without altering the appearance or feel of the leather. These products are ideal for protecting leather and suede shoes. They can even be used on canvas takkies.

Water-based waterproofing sprays can be applied directly to suede and nubuck leather. The most popular of these products is Tarrago’s nano protector. This spray contains fluorocarbon polymer that seals pores, protecting leather from water. However, it should not be used on lycra, nylon, or silk.

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