how to clean and soften leather boots

How to Clean and Soften Leather Boots

If you’ve purchased a pair of leather boots, it’s important to know how to clean and soften them. You should treat them with a leather conditioner and oil. The conditioner should be applied weekly until the boots have broken in, then monthly. This will ensure that they look their best for as long as possible.

Mink oil

To soften and clean leather boots, you should apply mink oil on a regular basis. Apply it about every three to four months depending on the type of material. The oil will darken the leather, so you should be careful not to use it on exotic leather. After applying it, make sure to wipe the boots dry.

Apply the oil on the leather one or two hours before wearing the boots. This helps the leather absorb the oil better. Do not use a lot, though, as too much will ruin the integrity of the leather. Make sure to apply a thin layer of oil. Then, use a microfiber cloth to wipe it off.


If you’re looking for a simple way to soften leather boots, consider bleaching them. A solution of one part white vinegar and one part water can be used to remove stains and restore a natural look to your boots. After making the solution, you can gently blot the leather with a clean cloth.

Bleaching leather boots is not as difficult as you might think. You simply need to use a leather cleaning solution that’s safe for leather. Oxalic bleach is a great choice because it’s non-toxic and won’t harm your skin. It also doesn’t add any harmful chemicals to your clothing or home.

Cream of tartar

You can clean your leather boots with the help of a solution made from lemon juice and cream of tartar. Mix them well and use a soft cotton cloth to apply the mixture to the leather. You can then buff away the residue with a dry cloth. The acidity in the mixture will remove stains while the light texture of the solution will gently buff away the leather without damaging it.

Another easy home remedy for softening leather boots is using Vaseline. Leather is made of skin, so it’s easy to apply a small amount to the leather. A small brush or an old toothbrush will work just fine for this purpose. Leave it on your boots overnight or for a few hours before wiping them off with a clean cloth.

Oil conditioner

Oils are one of the most popular remedies for softening leather boots. When conditioned correctly, oils will give your boots an even color and make them supple. However, the oils will need time to work. After applying them, the boots will need a couple of hours to fully dry. While they’re drying, you can gently bend them to help them absorb the conditioner.

Before you use an oil conditioner to soften your leather boots, it’s best to test it on a small area. This will allow you to determine if the oil is causing any discoloration.

Home-made solution

One of the best ways to clean and soften leather boots is to apply a homemade solution. You can use a mixture of 50 percent water and 50 percent dish soap. You can also use saddle soap instead of dish soap, or use baking soda. After you’ve soaked your boots in the solution, dry them with a clean cloth to remove excess moisture.

For oil stains, baking soda can be sprayed into the boots and left for four hours. You can also mix a little bit of white vinegar with water to remove stains. If your boots are dark, make sure to avoid smudging the color.

Shoe stretchers

If you have a pair of leather boots that are too brittle, there are several ways to clean them. The first method is to use crumpled newspapers, which can soak up excess oil and make the boots softer and more comfortable. This is an excellent way to clean your boots without the use of toxic chemicals. Another method is to place a piece of newspaper next to a heater. This process will make the leather soften faster.

After washing your boots, you can use conditioner to make them softer. Generally, the conditioner is alcohol-based. A conditioner can help soften leather and protect it from cracking.

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