How to Unblock Zenith Bank ATM Card In 5 Simple Ways

How to unblock Zenith bank ATM card is a question most people ask when they suddenly notice that their ATM card has been blocked.

Even when you block your ATM card on purpose, you still need to know how to unblock your ATM card.

An ATM card is a chipped plastic card issued by banks and other financial institutions to customers. These cards are efficient and easy to use.

You can use it to perform various transactions, like transfer of funds, withdrawal, and payment of bills, etc.

Undoubtedly, the introduction of the Automated Teller Machine Card (ATM Card) has helped all financial institutions in catering to the needs of their customers.

This article promises to provide you with all you need to know on how to unblock zenith bank ATM card.

Why Is My ATM Card Blocked?

How to Unblock Zenith Bank ATM card

There might be various reasons your zenith bank ATM card may be blocked and you can also block it on purpose. Some reasons are:

  • Theft 
  • Misplacement of ATM card
  • Inputting the wrong password three times
  • Unauthorized transactions
  • Expiration, etc. 

How to Unblock Zenith Bank Atm Card

After the retrieval of your ATM card, you can follow the methods below to unblock your card:

  • Automatic Unlock
  • Mobile Internet Banking
  • Zenith Bank Mobile App
  • Customer services
  • Visit any Zenith Bank Branch
  1. Automatic Unlock

Most times, this happens when you enter the wrong ATM pin when completing a transaction using your ATM card. 

Automatically, the ATM card will be unblocked after 24 hours and ready to be used. 

  1. Zenith Mobile Internet Banking

The zenith bank internet banking offers the same services as that of the mobile app. To unblock your zenith bank ATM card using this method, follow the procedures below:

  • Log on to zenith bank mobile site –
  • Sign in with your username and ID 
  • Go to Cards from the menu
  • Then click off or unblock.

However, you should note that your registration on the internet platform enables you to use it.

  1. Zenith Mobile App

Through the zenith bank mobile app, you can block and equally unblock your zenith bank ATM card. 

All you need is a smartphone and an internet connection. When you have gotten those ready, then follow the steps below:

  • Download the zenith bank mobile app from the play store(Android users) or app store (IOS users)
  • Sign in using your username and ID or register using your card details
  • Click on Cards services from the menu
  • Select your card and click off or unblock 

Immediately, your ATM card will be unblocked. 

  1. Zenith Bank Customer services

Customer services are tasked with the duty of attending to customers’ needs and providing solutions to their requests.

You can call or reach out to any of the zenith bank customer services below:

  • 0700-ZENITH-BANK Zenith Direct: 234(1) 4647000, 2787000, 2927000 or 0700-ATM-ZENITH
  • ATM Services – 0700-286-936484 or 0700-CARD-ZENITH
  • Card services – 0700-2273-936484, Fax: 234 (1) 2618212

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  1. Visit any Zenith Bank Branch

Finally, you can also walk into any Zenith bank branch that is close to you and approach the customer service agent.

State your request and they will help you fix it in no time. 

Frequently Asked Question On How To Unblock Zenith Bank ATM Card

How can I unblock my ATM card via SMS?

Zenith bank doesn’t make this method available. This is basically because of security reasons.

How long does it take for my card to be unblocked?

This depends on the method you use. Usually, it is almost immediately with all things being equal. 

How can I activate my blocked zenith bank ATM card online?

You can unblock your blocked zenith bank ATM card online through the zenith bank mobile internet banking or the zenith bank mobile app.

Can you withdraw money if your card is blocked?

No, you can’t. Once the bank blocks your ATM card, you can’t perform any transaction using the ATM card.

How do I unblock my debit card after entering the wrong PIN 3 times?

After 24 hours, the bank will automatically unblock your ATM card.

Final Note

The zenith bank ATM card has helped the users to perform various transactions without going to the bank.

However, when someone steals your card or you misplace it, it can warrant you to block them to avoid loss of funds in the account.

The zenith bank mobile app, internet banking, customer services, or visiting any zenith bank branch, are reliable ways you can explore on how to unblock zenith bank ATM card. 

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