How to Unfreeze My UBA Account

It is very rare for banks to freeze their customer’s accounts, it only happens when there are cogent reasons. In some other cases, an individual can opt to freeze his or her account probably because of a third party’s involvement in the account and wants to stop the act.  We are going to look into how you can unfreeze your UBA account online in a few simple steps. Let’s get started on how to go about it.

What is a Frozen UBA Account

A frozen UBA account is an account that has been deactivated or disabled from having access to carrying out transactions and other services on the account due to certain reasons. This type of account can not undertake any or even basic transactions such as cash withdrawal, balance inquiry, funds transfer, and more.

Many challenges might have led to your UBA account being frozen, it can be due to some suspicious activities going on in your bank accounts such as bankruptcy, fraud, money laundering, financial embezzlement, court order, and debts. 


How to Unfreeze Your UBA Account in Nigeria

 It is quite unfortunate that there is no way you can unfreeze your UBA account online, you have no choice but to go to any of the UBA branches.

To successfully unfreeze your UBA account, below are the ways you can use to unfreeze your UBA bank account: 

  • You should visit any UBA branch in Nigeria. It is best advisable to go to the branch where the particular bank account was opened
  • You should now reach out to the next available UBA staff at the bank
  • Tell them you want to unfreeze your account 
  • The agent you approached will now take your account number to verify it.
  • After the verification, the bank agent will guide you through the procedures to follow, if the reason why your account is frozen is not cumbersome and does not require many actions to activate it.
  • At this point, you will be given a form to fill out
  • Make sure you fill the form with all the correct details and information about your frozen account such as account number, full name, phone number, and more.
  • Add your ID and submit it to the bank staff.
  • After this, your request will be forwarded to the appropriate department to review and assess the request.
  • Once your account is cleared of all misconduct and misappropriation, your UBA account will be cleared, reactivated, and unfrozen.

The above are the steps to unfreeze your UBA account in Nigeria. You can also unfreeze your account by using a resolution law firm that handles these types of cases in a situation whereby your account was suspended based on a court order. Each option listed is applicable depending on the circumstances in which your account was frozen.


Requirements to Unfreeze Your Frozen UBA Account in Nigeria

Here are the requirements you need to unfreeze your account if it is frozen on a trivial issue:

  • UBA account number has been frozen
  • Full name of the frozen account
  • Email address linked to the frozen account
  • The phone number that is registered with the frozen account

With all these, you can unfreeze your account if your bank is frozen without a court order.

Can UBA Freeze My Bank Account?

 Yes, all Nigerian banks including UBA have the right to freeze or deactivate your account if they suspect that your account is involved in illegal or suspicious activity, such as money laundering, fraud, and corruption.  When a large amount is deposited into your account, UBA will automatically be alerted since it monitors all the transactions going on in the account. To avoid your account to be frozen, avoid all means of earning money illegally. Earn your money from an eligible source and you will be on the safe side.


How Long Will it Take to Unfreeze My UBA Nigeria Account? 

Unfreezing your UBA account in Nigeria solely depends on the extent of the damage caused. It depends on the reason why your UBA account was frozen in the first place. If your frozen account receives a red flag, then I am afraid to tell you that the unfreezing process will be quite difficult and more prolonged.

But if it is just a simple reason, your account will be unfrozen for at most 14 working days, it depends on the complexity and simplicity of the situation.


Unfreeze your UBA account through the above guidelines and wait for your account to be activated within the stipulated time. After your account has been activated again, you can now have access to all banking services such as bank withdrawal, and funds transfer, and even know your UBA prepaid card limit.


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