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Dumpster Diving In South Carolina

Did you just hear about dumpster diving and you are thirsty for knowledge? Or is it that you are giving dumpster diving in South Carolina some thoughts? Relax, because you are in excellent hands.

Just read through this guide till the very end, and you would understand all there is to know about trash diving in South Carolina.

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Dumpster Diving In South Carolina

Dumpster diving in south carolina

South Carolina, despite its size, is one of the most popular locations for garbage gleaning in the United States.

This state, asides from being remarkably known for its beaches, proudly boasts of twenty-four shopping centers and thousands of residential units.

The most interesting gist is that there are about two thousand, two hundred and eighty-one (2,281) stores in these shopping malls.

Moreover, there are affluent locales in South Carolina, such as Mount Pleasant, James Island, Lexington, Hilton Head Island, Fort Mill, Tega Cay, and Simpsonville. 

Thus, regardless of where you choose to dumpster dive, residential or commercial, South Carolina has got you covered.

Is It Illegal To Dumpster Dive In South Carolina?

South Carolina, in fact, the United States at large, places no embargo on garbage gleaning whatsoever. 

Nevertheless, you must act in accordance with the existing rules of the state, or the laws of your county, such as the trespassing laws.

In your quest for success in business, you could leave public dumpsters for private ones, or those situated on private property. 

It is worthy of note that the law does not support you to that extent; that is not to break your heart though, it’s just good we make things clear.

You are at risk of violating the trespassing law if you garbage dive on private property without the approval of the owner, which, of course, comes with a penalty. I am certain no one wants this.

On the contrary, you are free to trash dive in public dumpsters and properties abandoned on public property; the law allows as much as that. 

One law that protects your interests as a dumpster diver is the abandoned ownership rights that an individual or company has to products deposited in public dumpsters across the country according to the landmark United States Supreme Court Case, California Versus Greenwood from 1988.

Undoubtedly, that further emphasizes the point that you should not go trash diving on someone else’s property. Garbage diving in such a place could warrant a trespassing case, and in severe cases, you could be charged with theft, littering, illegal dumping, or disorderly behavior. 

Can I Dumpster Dive At Night In South Carolina?

Yes, you can dumpster dive at night in South Carolina as it is not illegal. There is no known law forbidding garbage gleaning at night in the state; the constraints are the same regardless of the hour of dumpster diving. 

Although, there are prospective risks for diving into dumpsters at night, especially in residential areas. 

This is not implying that it is impossible though, choose what works for you,and just so you know, you will not be the first nor last person to trash dive at night.

Where Are The Best Locations To Dumpster Dive in South Carolina?

Without a doubt, South Carolina is rightly a great place to garbage dive. Still, there are major sites you should concentrate on more than others, especially if you are new to this field or South Carolina itself.  

Some of the places are:

  1. Cosmetic stores
  2. Shopping malls
  3. Construction sites
  4. Apartment complexes
  5. Garage sales
  6. Toy stores

How Much Can Dumpster Diving Fetch Me In South Carolina?

Multiple variables regulate how much garbage diving can fetch you in South Carolina. It is important to note that it is quite arduous to maintain trash diving as a full-time job. 

This is not to rule it out as an option, but I can say for sure that it could pass well for a side-hustle. Of course, you know only you can decide which of the plans to subscribe to. 

Also, you should be prepared to give it your all, in terms of dedication and devotion if you are considering it for a full-time business.

But to have an estimate in your mind and know what you are going into, you should expect an average monthly income of Three Thousand, five hundred dollars($3,500) if you work at least 40hours weekly. This was determined from our chats with some professional trash divers in South Carolina.

Is Dumpster Diving Illegal In Charleston, South Carolina?

No, there is no definite law that outlaws trash diving in Charleston, South Carolina. Although, local authorities believe that garbage gleaning constitutes trespassing.

Therefore, be careful to comply rigorously with the regulations of the state and city on trespassing. With that, you are free.

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Can I Trash Dive Legal In Greenville, South Carolina?

Undoubtedly, there are no laws prohibiting dumpster diving in Greenville, South Carolina. It is deemed legal until you violate the city’s mandate, especially the trespassing law. 

Like I mentioned earlier, let me establish this fact again that there is an ordinance that shields your privilege as a trash diver that there are no expectations of private ownership for a property abandoned and dumped on public property. 

Remember to always check closely on the statutes of your city before kickstarting your garbage diving business.

Final Notes

Profoundly, dumpster diving in South Carolina is not unlawful. However, you might still have to corroborate that your city or state’s mandates completely support garbage diving. 

Therefore, you should check out the city code for your area. That is not much of a big deal as you can easily find this on the internet.

Finally, follow South Carolina’s statute on “Trespass after Warning” stringently to be sure you are operating lawfully on the maximum, as well as your instincts and every local policy encapsulating what you do.

Good luck!

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