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how to clean a faux leather handbag

How to Clean a Faux Leather Handbaghow to clean a faux leather handbag

PU leather cleaners + leather protectors are not needed

When cleaning a faux leather handbag, avoid using a PU leather cleaner or leather protector. These products can affect the durability of the material and cause it to peel and flake. Instead, you should use 180-grit sandpaper from the hardware store. This sandpaper should be used in a circular motion with low pressure.

Using a dry lint-free cloth to wipe off any excess dirt and grime can help keep the handbag looking like new. PU leather is made from synthetic polymers. These polymers are made by adding colorants, plasticizers, and oils to a polymer resin. However, real leather is more durable and has more character than PU leather. If your handbag does become scratched or discolored, you can simply buy a new one or try to fix it yourself.

The main difference between PU and real leather is that PU leather is much thinner than animal leather. It is also lighter. It also tends to tear and crack more easily. However, PU leather is far less expensive.

Avoid spritzing or wiping leather with a damp cloth

To avoid damage to your leather handbag, avoid using commercial cleaning products. These products contain a high level of alkaline, which can cause a chemical reaction on a cellular level. Also, avoid wiping your handbag with a damp cloth or spritzing it with a mist or water. These methods will leave a film of residue on the bag and may damage the colour or create a build-up of grease. Instead, use a leather conditioner. It will prevent the leather from drying out and will prevent future stains from occurring.

To remove stains on PVC leather, try using baking soda or unscented soap. While a damp cloth is not ideal for cleaning vinyl, you can use a dry cloth to wipe off spilled food or beverages. If you’re concerned about removing bad odors, you can use a leather cleaner.

Applying a leather conditioner

Leather conditioner is an essential component of maintaining your faux leather handbag. It not only protects the surface from stains but also nourishes the fibers and enhances the patina. While applying leather conditioner, you should make sure that you use a soft cloth. The product should be applied to the entire surface using circular motions. Once the conditioner is completely applied to the leather, allow it to air dry. If possible, you can leave the handbag to air dry overnight before you use it again.

You can make your own leather conditioner by mixing one part of white vinegar with two parts of linseed oil. Simply use a clean, lint-free cloth to apply the leather conditioner. Once it has been applied, let it sit for about 15 minutes before wiping it off. You may want to test a small section to make sure that it won’t affect the leather’s elasticity.

Dealing with discoloration in faux leather

If your faux leather handbag has discolouration or marks, you might wonder how to fix it. The best way to deal with this problem is to clean it regularly with a soft cloth or with a mild washing liquid solution. In addition, you should avoid leaving it exposed to sunlight as this can cause cracking.

PU leather is prone to stains and should be cleaned promptly after spilling a drink or dropping something on it. The best way to clean a stain is to use a mild washing-up liquid mixed with water, and a soft cloth. Wipe over the stain using the mixture until it disappears. After that, wipe it dry using a soft microfiber cloth.

Storing your faux leather handbag

A faux leather handbag can easily become damaged due to exposure to the sun and UVB rays. These rays can change the molecular structure of the faux leather and cause it to crack. It is therefore not recommended to leave your faux leather handbag unprotected in the sun.

To maintain the shape of your bag, stuff it with soft materials such as acid-free tissue paper, a cotton pillowcase, bubble wrap, or silica gel. Make sure to place your handbag in a cool, dark, place that is free from direct sunlight or moisture. Also, keep in mind that prolonged exposure to the sun can cause discolouration and even ugly cracks in the leather.

Faux leather handbags should never be stored in plastic bags as they can stick to the faux leather and cause damage. Instead, store your handbags in protective bags, such as branded dust bags. Also, avoid stacking your purses on top of each other, as this can crush them or scratch their hardware.

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