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how to clean a leather holster

How to Clean a Leather Holster how to clean a leather holster

Cleaning your leather holster is easy – just wipe it down with a clean rag. You can use warm water to get a deeper clean, too. You can also use saddle soap, which is a glycerin-based soap that is gentle on leather. Apply it sparingly and spread it evenly over the leather. Allow it to dry before moving on.

Neatsfoot oil

Using Neatsfoot oil to clean a gun holster can help it last longer and maintain its flexibility. This oil is a natural moisturizer and a good preservative. It has been used for centuries to treat saddles and tack. It can be purchased in the Pure Neatsfoot Oil form. This product contains a mixture of mineral oil and petroleum-based material and was originally discovered by fur trappers as a way to preserve their cattle’s skin.

If you don’t want to purchase a specialized product for your gun holster, you can use saddle soap to clean the leather. Then, you can apply neatsfoot oil or a leather conditioner. Once the leather has been cleaned, it will be more resistant to cracks and rips.

Olive oil

One of the best ways to clean a leather holster is to use olive oil. Not only is olive oil great for cooking, it also has the perfect PH balance for leather care. A little caution is in order, though. While some people think olive oil will make their gun belt smell like salad dressing, it should be fine if you use it sparingly and rub it into the gun belt evenly.

During the first step of the break-in process, you must make sure your holster is in the proper shape. If it doesn’t fit well, try using the back of a spoon or your fingers to mold the holster. After a day or two, you should check it again. Once it has a nice shape, your holster should be easier to draw.


A good way to clean a leather holster is to coat it with a thin layer of Tan-Kote. This natural resin forms a protective coating that keeps dirt and grime off. It can also be used to hide irregularities in the leather.

You can also apply Kiwi neutral shoe wax on holsters. Apply it sparingly and wipe off the excess with a cloth. A product made by KG Products called Leather-Kote can also be used to clean holsters.

You can also use Tan-Kote as a top-finish. It is an easy-to-use finish that can be applied by sponge or sprayed. This lacquer-type product does not leave a water-repellent finish, but it will give a beautiful, glossy finish to leather.

Galco Leather Lotion

Keeping your leather holster clean is important to maintain the overall appearance of the holster and your gun. Leather holsters are often made to be stiff and durable, so a quality cleaner is important to keep them looking their best. Thankfully, Galco offers a specialized leather lotion that will make your holster look and feel great.

Galco’s Leather Lotion is a wax-free lotion that is specifically formulated to restore and clean finished leather. It will remove surface dirt and give the leather water resistance, while leaving the leather looking like new. It can also help shorten the break-in period of your leather holster, giving you a smooth draw without damaging the finish of your firearm.

Saddle soap

Saddle soap is a common cleaning agent used to maintain leather holsters. The soap is formulated specifically for leather and should be used on a soft rag to remove dirt and grease. The soap should be applied in circular motions and left to dry. Avoid using excessive water or harsh detergents.

Saddle soap is an excellent choice for general leather cleaning and can also be used to condition leather belts and sheaths. Saddle soap is a glycerin-based soap that is perfect for leather. It should be used with caution, as it may cause the leather to dry out or even become ruined.

Saddle soap is also a great choice for leather cleaning because it provides moisture to the leather. Leather tends to dry out over time, especially when it is exposed to the sun. Exposure to UV light causes the moisture to evaporate faster, resulting in leather that feels rough and cracks.

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