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how to clean a leather western saddle

How to Clean a Leather Western Saddlehow to clean a leather western saddle

If you have a leather western saddle, you will want to keep it clean. You can apply a saddle conditioner to it after riding to keep it shiny. Use a non-detergent product and apply a small amount sparingly. After the conditioner has dried, you can buff it with a soft cloth to give it a shiny finish. You can also use a shoe-shining brush to polish the fine tooling.

Avoid unfit preparations for leather saddles

To maintain the life of your leather western saddle, it is important to prevent any unfit preparations from occurring. The most important preparation is to protect the leather from excessive humidity and moisture. Moreover, you should regularly condition the saddle with suitable leather conditioner. Never use waxes, silicone or greases on the saddle, because these substances can block the pores and collect additional dirt. They also slow the drying process. Finally, make sure to always check your saddles before each ride, as a saddle that has cracked or is dry can be dangerous.

After a rainy season, it is important to allow the saddle to completely dry. It can take a few days to dry, but once it is completely dry, you can condition it.

Oiling leather causes mildew and residue on clothing

When it comes to caring for leather goods, it is imperative that you clean the items thoroughly. First, you must remove any visible mildew stains. Then, use an oxygen bleach solution to remove any remaining residue. Ensure that the solution is diluted. You can use OxiClean, Nellie’s All-Natural Oxygen Brightener, or OXO Brite. It is important that you do not over-bleach leather items, as this will harm the finish.

Leather is prone to mold and mildew. This can cause a white discoloration on the clothing. This is not only unsightly, but can also lead to health problems. The spores produced by mold can also cause allergies and respiratory diseases.

Tan-Kote repels dust and dirt

Tan-Kote, a water-based product, is an excellent choice for leather western saddles. It gives the leather a shine and helps repel dust and dirt. It is ideal for Southern climates, as it will keep the saddle from developing mold. Other riders have used commercial wood lacquers and floor polishes to treat their saddles.

After rinsing the saddle with water, apply saddle soap and work it into a lather with a soft sponge. Work the soap into the leather in circular motions. Make sure to scrub the undersides and the seams. If necessary, repeat the cleaning process. Make sure to wipe the saddle dry afterward, as any residue left will attract dirt and dust.

Before storing the saddle, wash the saddle and condition it. Oils, fats and grease can clog the pores of the leather and can clog stitching. These residues attract dirt and grime and grind into the leather. Apply a light coat of conditioner to the saddle regularly. If the leather is light-colored, try applying the product in an inconspicuous area to test its effectiveness before applying it to the saddle.

Using a sponge to clean a leather western saddle

A sponge can be the perfect tool for cleaning a saddle with a mild leather cleaner. You can use a sponge to apply saddle soap in small circular motions to all the leather parts of the saddle. Be careful to avoid rough-out or suede areas. After cleaning the leather, use a damp towel to remove any remaining soap residue. You can also use a cotton swab to clean areas that are especially dirty.

Before cleaning the saddle, make sure to remove the stirrups and buckles. You can also use a damp toweling to wipe down the saddle. Using a sponge can also be a helpful cleaning tool, but it is not recommended to use a wet sponge, as it can damage the leather.

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