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how to clean a white leather baseball glove

How to Clean a White Leather Baseball Glove

There are many ways to clean a white leather baseball glove. These include using a soft cloth and warm water, and a mild soap. The inside of the glove should be cleaned as well, since it is more delicate than the outside. After cleaning the glove, use a soft cloth to dry it and absorb the moisture.

Shaving cream

A lanolin-based shaving cream is an effective way to clean a baseball glove. Apply it on the glove using a soft cloth and work it into the leather in circular motions. Allow it to dry overnight and then wipe it clean in the morning. Once dry, use a soft cloth to remove any remaining shaving cream.

If the white leather of the glove feels dry, use a cleaning product with a gentle formula. Use a cloth or rag to apply the cleaning solution, and use circular motions to clean all crevices and areas in between the fingers. Don’t apply too much or it may ruin the glove’s leather. Apply conditioner evenly all over the glove, and take care to wipe in hard-to-reach areas like the seams.

Once the cleaning process is complete, you should keep the glove in a cool, dry place. Avoid exposing the glove to high temperatures or exposing it to sunlight.

Magic Eraser

Cleaning a baseball glove with a Magic Eraser is not a difficult task, but it’s crucial to follow the right steps to keep your glove clean. A good leather brush, microfiber cloth, and a pH balanced cleaner are necessary for this task. It is also essential to reapply the leather protectant after cleaning. Leather is prone to buildup of dirt and grease over time.

When using a Magic Eraser to clean a leather glove, it is important to use it carefully to avoid damaging the leather. It is also important to use the product sparingly and to avoid leaving any traces of the cleaner on the glove. When using this product, you should pay special attention to crevices, under the laces, and between the fingers. Afterward, you should use a cloth or sponge to wipe the product off.

The Magic Eraser should be damp. You can cut it into smaller pieces to make it easier to clean the glove. To make it easier to grip, use circular motions while cleaning the glove. Be careful not to damage the seams because the thin cottong on the seams is vulnerable to cracking and fraying. In this way, the baseball glove can lose its durability.


Dry-brushing your baseball glove can be an effective way to get rid of mold and dirt. You can use a leather cleaning brush or a brush with stiff nylon bristles to clean it properly. The process will remove dirt, dust and mold buildup. Make sure that you use a clean rag and don’t use any other products on your glove, such as shaving cream or vasoline.

Before cleaning your glove, you should first dampen a rag with warm water and mild soap. You should use this mixture on the inside leather of your glove, as it is more sensitive than the outer leather. Then, wipe the inside leather with a soft cloth, paying special attention to the seams and crevices. Once done, apply conditioner to the glove and massage it into it with circular motions.

If you don’t want to use a brush, you can use equal parts vinegar and lemon juice on your glove. This mixture will kill mildew and mold spores. Once done, place the glove somewhere warm and dry. Using a fan can help speed up the drying process. If you use lemon juice on your glove, make sure that you rinse it thoroughly with water.

Saddle soap

Saddle soap is a great cleaning product for leather items. You can apply it to the entire glove or just the fingers. You can also use it on the stitching and knots. Then, use a clean rag to wipe the soap off. This will remove dirt and grease.

Saddle soap has a unique formula designed to clean leather items. It contains lanolin and beeswax, which are natural oils obtained from wool-bearing animals. These ingredients work well to protect and moisturize leather, while beeswax is derived from honey bees and gives the leather a buttery feel. The combination of beeswax and glycerin makes saddle soap an excellent cleaning solution for leather items. However, avoid lye-based soaps because they absorb moisture fast and cause leather to crack.

Saddle soap should be used as a last resort for cleaning baseball gloves, but it is not a good choice for all types of baseball gloves. It may dry out the leather, and it also has an acidic effect, so you should always use an all-natural solution for cleaning your baseball glove. KIWI saddle soap comes in two tins with 88 grams of saddle soap. It is suitable for all types of leather and will not cause any damage to its color.

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