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how to clean blood off leather

How to Clean Blood Off Leather

First and foremost, do not touch the blood. This is dangerous as it can spread diseases. However, most fresh blood stains are easily removed with a damp sponge or cloth. If the stain is still wet, blot it with a clean, dry cloth. However, dried blood stains are difficult to remove and may require scraping with a fingernail file. To avoid bruising the suede, you can also use a soft toothbrush to break up the blood.

Dish soap

Dish soap is a great cleaning agent. It can clean up a variety of stains, including blood. Mix three to five drops in a cup of cold water. Then, dampen a microfiber cloth with the mixture and blot it in a circular motion. If necessary, repeat the process until the stain has been removed.

Alternatively, you can use a liquid detergent in a water mixture. Just make sure you mix the solution well so that you don’t create a hard smear. Then, use a soft sponge to apply the cleaner and remove the stain. After you’ve cleaned the leather, apply a layer of leather conditioner to prevent it from getting ruined by further blood.


Borax is a great stain remover that is safe to use on a variety of fabrics and materials. It contains no chlorine, phosphates, or other harmful chemicals. It is also a great solution for blood and wine stains. After mixing a small amount of borax with a small amount of water, apply the solution to the stain. Let it sit for 30 minutes or overnight. Then, rinse and dry the stained fabric.

Before applying any chemicals to leather, test them on a small area to ensure they will not cause damage to the material. Try a small area, such as the underside of a hem or inside a seam. Also, use a clean cloth to test the chemicals. The color of the cloth should match the color of the leather when the chemical is applied. If the color is different, do not use the product.

Nail polish remover

There are several ways to clean blood from leather and other fabric materials. One of the easiest ways is to use nail polish remover. This solution contains a solvent and organic polymer that is designed to evaporate naturally. However, as the nail polish dries on the leather, it becomes difficult to remove. Additionally, you run the risk of removing the dye.

You can also use a blunt instrument such as a fingernail. It’s important to rub the mixture with a slight upward motion to remove the remaining nail polish.

Hydrogen peroxide

If you need to remove blood stains on your leather furniture, you can use hydrogen peroxide. It is a mild bleach that is safe for skin and fabrics. The solution should be applied to the stain in a circular motion. You shouldn’t scrub the leather, as you may push the stain deeper into the fibers. Then, rinse the area thoroughly with cool water.

Although hydrogen peroxide is effective in removing blood stains, the solution should not be left on the leather for too long or it will damage the leather. You may want to use a commercial leather stain remover instead.

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