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how to clean leather baseball glove

How to Clean Leather Baseball Gloves

A baseball glove is made from leather, and can become very dirty in a game. You will need to clean it regularly to maintain its beauty and performance. Sweat from the hands can also damage the leather, reducing its lifespan. Luckily, there are some simple ways to clean your baseball glove.

Dishwashing liquid

You can use dishwashing liquid to clean a baseball glove. This liquid is a common household cleaner, but you should remember that dishwashing liquid contains harmful ingredients. It is important to clean a baseball glove properly and gently to prevent damage. Do not use the liquid too frequently or over-dry it. After cleaning your glove, place it in a dry place and let it air dry.

Dishwashing liquid can be any type, so long as it is not too harsh. You can use Dawn or other mild detergents. You can also use a dish sponge. For the best results, use the sponge in a circular motion. Make sure you avoid the threads. If you don’t have a dish sponge, you can use a dish brush or toothbrush. Once it is clean, rinse it off and let it dry. If the weather is not favorable, use a heater to dry it.


If you want to restore the beauty of a leather baseball glove, oils can help. The key is to apply the lubricant in a circular motion. Never apply more than what you need to lightly coat the leather. Gently rub the substance into the glove using your hands. After applying the lubricant, store the glove in a dry place.

You can purchase glove oil from various sources, including sporting goods stores and online. Some of these products contain cocoa butter, which is extracted from the beans of the cocoa tree. Another option is to use petroleum jelly or Vaseline to condition your glove. You can also use Wilson premium glove oil, which can be purchased at sports stores or on Amazon.


If you are interested in cleaning your leather baseball glove, there are a few products that are suitable for this purpose. First, you can apply saddle soap, which is also called degreasing. Then, wipe it onto the glove in a circular motion using light pressure. This will help the glove stay moist for longer. However, you should avoid using too much of this product as it may darken the leather.

In addition, you can apply shaving cream to your glove to make it more durable. However, do not use too much of it, as it may damage your leather glove and cause blisters on your hands. Applying too much of it may also cause your glove to become brittle and may result in cracks and tears. Moreover, you should not forget to apply the cream to all the parts of the glove, rubbing the product in it for 20 minutes.


When you are cleaning your baseball glove, you must follow a specific cleaning procedure. The first step involves using a warm rag dipped in soapy water. Ensure that the rag is almost dry. After cleaning the glove, you should condition it by applying leather conditioner to the leather to replenish lost moisture. You can purchase leather conditioner at most sports retailers or online.

Another method involves using saddle soap. This is a mild soap that doesn’t contain any anti-bacterial properties or fragrance. You can also use a soft-bristled brush or a special leather brush to clean the insides of the glove.


Dry-brushing is a good way to clean leather baseball gloves, but it’s important to use a soft cloth to clean the inside of the glove, which is more sensitive than the outer leather shell. It’s also important to avoid wringing or rubbing the glove, as these actions can cause more damage to the leather.

You can purchase a leather cleaning wipe from local sports stores or e-commerce sites. Avoid using makeup or baby wipes, as they may contain alcohol and can damage the leather on your batting gloves. Instead, choose a cleaning wipe that contains a blend of water and detergent. This mixture can be applied to the entire surface of the glove to remove dirt and grease, and it can be wiped off later.

Permatex Fast Orange

If your leather baseball glove needs a deep cleaning, you can use Permatex Fast Orange. This product is sold in home improvement stores such as Lowes and AutoZone, as well as online. This product contains lanolin, which helps to keep the leather soft and supple. It also has a smooth formula that cleans the leather without damaging it. Once you’ve cleaned the glove, you can apply leather conditioner to it to keep it looking great.

It’s important to clean your baseball glove once a year. Dirt gets trapped inside, which can cause it to fade and even blacken. This means it’s important to clean and oil it. While you’re at it, you should also make sure you place it in a clean, dry place. Don’t store it near a heater or in the sun for extended periods of time.

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