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how to clean pen ink off leather handbag

How to Clean Pen Ink Off a Leather Handbag how to clean pen ink off leather handbag

There are several ways to remove pen ink from a leather handbag. The simplest method involves a wet cloth or sponge and dish soap. Alternatively, you can use special cleaning products for leather that are specifically designed for removing ink. These will work effectively on stains without harming the material. Your leather goods provider may even recommend a specific cleaning product.


Pen ink is a common stain that can ruin the lining of your handbag. Fortunately, there are several ways to remove this stain. First, you should use a white cloth to wipe the stain off. Avoid using colored rags because the dye may transfer. You can also use hairspray to clean the stain. Remember not to get hairspray on the exterior of your handbag, though, because it will ruin the finish.

You can also try rubbing alcohol. This substance can remove the ink stain, but it will dry out the leather. If hairspray is too harsh, it can cause damage to the leather. You can also try applying moisturizing soap or water to the leather surface.

Alcohol-based hand sanitizer

Alcohol-based hand sanitizer is a handy cleaning solution, but you need to be careful when you use it on your leather handbag. The alcohol content can damage the surface and make the stain more difficult to remove. The best solution is to buy a leather cleaner and conditioner. These products are inexpensive, and will restore the leather’s oils.

Alcohol-based hand sanitizer works well for cleaning pen ink from leather, as it can lift the ink from most surfaces. The solution should be applied with a cotton swab, and rubbed lightly as it is applied. You should not let the solution sit on the leather for too long, as the solvent can eat away the leather. To prevent permanent damage to your handbag, use a lint-free cloth before applying alcohol.

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