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how to clean soft leather shoes

How to Clean Soft Leather Shoes

Soft leather shoes require thorough cleaning, because they tend to collect more dirt. You can use a soft brush to clean them, or use laundry detergent. Be sure to avoid using harsh cleaning agents or liquids that contain bleaching agents. Instead, use a soft cleaning brush and gentle detergent. You can even use a suede eraser to remove stains.

Saddle Soap

If you’ve noticed that your soft leather shoes or bags are looking a little dull and dirty, it’s time to give them a good clean. A good way to do this is to use saddle soap on them. You should follow the manufacturer’s directions, which call for a mixture of saddle soap and warm water. You should apply the soap using a soft, moistened cloth or sponge. After you’ve applied the soap, wipe off the soap residue with a clean cloth or dry it thoroughly. However, make sure not to over-saturate the leather.

Saddle soaps are formulated with Lye, which is highly soluble in water and produces caustic solutions. Lye also goes by other names, such as sodium hydroxide and caustic soda. While it may sound appealing, Lye is very caustic and should be avoided on leather objects.

Cream of tartar

One of the best ways to clean soft leather shoes is to use a paste made from cream of tartar and lemon juice. Mix the two ingredients well. Apply the paste on the shoes and let it stand for about half an hour. Then, scrub the shoes using a soft brush. After that, rinse the shoes thoroughly with cold water and allow to air dry.

A paste of cream of tartar and lemon juice will work on any dark stain. After applying it to the stain, leave it on for about half an hour. Then, you can wipe the paste with a damp cloth. The cream of tartar paste will also remove water spots. Make sure to dry the shoes away from sunlight after using it. Road salt is easy to remove with a solution made from 1 part white vinegar and one part water. To remove the salt, use a cloth soaked in the solution and blot the area lightly with it.


The Saphir Renomat is a great cleaner for soft leather shoes. It dissolves dirt and stains while opening up the pores of the leather to allow it to breathe and accept new nourishing substances. The product can be used every six months or so for a clean, conditioned shoe. For the best results, use it on the entire shoe, avoiding specific areas.

If you’ve recently purchased new shoes and have been neglecting to clean them properly, consider using Renomat to help restore their original shine. It removes dirt, stains, and unwanted shoe polish. It’s gentle on the leather and can also be used to restore your old shoes if you have accidentally applied a wrong color shoe cream. You shouldn’t use Renomat every time you clean your shoes, but it can be used to clean old polish brushes or other shoe creams that might have gotten soiled.

Using a suede brush

Cleaning suede is easy, especially with the help of a suede brush. Its stiff nylon or metal bristles will remove the dirt and debris from the suede without scratching the material. If you don’t have a suede brush, you can use a toothbrush or a fingernail file to clean the surface. However, be careful not to damage the suede by filing it too hard.

If the stains are not easily removed with a suede brush, you can use other tools to clean the shoes, such as a knife or soft toothbrush. Use the brush in a circular motion so as to remove the stains. For stubborn stains, you can also try applying suede Velours Gum to the surface. This will help remove stubborn marks and freshen the nap.

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