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how to clean stains on leather

How to Clean Stains on Leather

When it comes to cleaning a stain on leather, you can always apply a moisturizing soap to the stain. However, light colored leather is more susceptible to stains than dark ones. For this reason, you should be very careful and avoid using alkaline products to clean it. Also, you should avoid using items that cause fluctuating temperatures, such as nail polish remover and cornstarch.

Avoid alkaline products

When cleaning leather, use a pH-balanced cleaning solution. Leather’s natural pH is between 4.5, while most cleaning solutions are acidic and alkaline. Acidic cleaners should not be used on greasy stains, crushed insect shells, resin, tree sap, dust, or other organic contaminants.

Leather is a mildly acidic material and alkaline products may damage the fibers. Keeping the leather away from direct sunlight may also help.

Avoid areas with fluctuating temperatures

To keep leather furniture looking like new, you should avoid exposing it to fluctuating temperatures. It will wear out more quickly, so keep it away from high-heat areas, such as fireplaces and large windows with excessive sunlight. Also, avoid letting pets sit on leather furniture. This will increase the chance of getting stains. If stains do occur, clean them as soon as possible.

If you do have to clean a leather item, don’t keep it in the attic. The extreme temperature changes will damage it and make it more likely to get stained. Depending on the stain, you may need to use lukewarm water to clean it. You can also mix equal parts vinegar and water to clean it effectively. But make sure to use the solution sparingly.

Avoid nail polish remover

There are a few reasons to avoid nail polish remover when cleaning stains on your leather furniture. It will not dry quickly and can damage the material. However, leather is a very delicate material and is easily damaged by chemicals. Luckily, there are a few simple tricks that will help you remove stains from your leather furniture.

First, be sure to dry your leather couch before cleaning the stain. If the stain has a high-quality finish, you can use a cleaner that contains rubbing alcohol. However, it can destroy the shine of the leather. This method is best applied with a cotton swab.

Avoid scuffs

While cleaning a stain on leather can sometimes be difficult, there are a few home remedies that can be helpful. A vinegar and alcohol solution can be used to clean the stain, while washing-up liquid mixed with warm water can be used to foam up the stain and remove it with a clean cloth. Alternatively, use a mixture of soda water and washing-up liquid. Afterwards, dry the stain and brush away the residue.

Another home remedy for cleaning stains on leather is lemon juice and cream of tartar solution. This solution has a gentle bleaching effect and can be applied by applying it to the stain with a clean, damp cloth. If you are using this solution on a large surface, always test it on a small area first. You can use the solution on a piece of white leather to check if it works.

Avoid ink stains

The best way to remove ink stains from leather is to use a mild soapy solution to clean the area. If possible, use a saddle soap, as this will remove the stain more effectively. Before applying the soap, test the stain in a small area. Once you’ve found the area where the stain has occurred, use a white cloth to blot the area with the solution. Afterward, use a leather conditioner to finish off the stain.

The best way to remove ink stains from leather is to clean it as soon as possible. It is best to avoid hairspray and other alcohol-based products, as they may damage the leather. However, you can use a cotton swab or cotton bud to apply the solution to the stain. Make sure not to apply too much liquid, as this will leave water marks on the upholstery.

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