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how to keep white leather shoes clean

How to Keep White Leather Shoes Clean

To clean white leather shoes, you can use a few household items. These include a toothbrush and a magic eraser. Use gentle circular motions to clean the shoes. Another great cleaning tool is a damp cloth. Use a mild soap on the cloth. Make sure to wipe off any excess soap with a rag before applying to the shoes.

All-natural methods of cleaning white leather shoes

While white leather shoes are difficult to clean, there are many all-natural methods that can help them look like new. Among the best options is soaking them in white vinegar. This solution will help remove scuff marks and dust from your shoes. You can also use a damp cloth to wipe down the soles. Finally, you can stuff your shoes with paper towels to absorb moisture. This will also help preserve their shape.

For those of you who are hesitant to try these all-natural methods, you can sign up for a subscription service like Grove. They sell natural cleaning products and offer flexible monthly subscriptions. You can customize your own shipments with their free trial and free gift sets. The subscription service also offers free shipping and offers no monthly fees or commitments.

You can also try scrubbing your shoes by hand or in the washing machine. This can make your shoes look brighter and whiter than before. Alternatively, you can use a homemade mixture of vinegar and baking soda. Once you’ve applied the cleaner, you need to apply a damp microfiber cloth to wipe the white leather shoes.


If you’ve noticed a stain on your white leather shoes, you can use bleach to remove it. However, be sure to use a low concentration, as too much bleach can cause burning, redness, and breathing difficulties. You should mix the bleach with water first, and only then apply it to the stains. If you’re having trouble with the stain, you can also use nail polish remover or vinegar.

If the stain is not too severe, you can use an eraser sponge. Alternatively, you can use a rag dampened with warm water to remove the dirt. Another method is to use a solution of baking soda and water. This solution is effective for removing stains on white leather shoes.

While you’re washing your shoes, you should wear gloves to protect your hands from the bleach. In addition, you can add some laundry detergent to the bleach solution, and stir the mixture well. Once the laces are wet, rinse them thoroughly under water and air-dry them.

Magic Eraser

If you want to keep white leather shoes looking new, use a Magic Eraser to remove dirt. You can use the eraser on any spot with visible dirt and grime. It will also remove any foam scuffs. Just make sure to dry the shoe well afterwards, as moisture can damage the material.

You can buy a Magic Eraser for around $7 from Amazon. To use it, dampen it a bit, then rub it gently over the shoes. Use circular motions and try not to scrub too hard. You can also use dish soap. Just make sure to apply it only to the affected areas.

Magic Erasers are easy to use and very effective. However, you should be cautious when using them on colored surfaces. Test it first on a white part of the shoe to make sure that no color rubs off.

Nail polish remover

If you want to make your white leather shoes brighter and less stained, you can use nail polish remover. This solution is very effective and will remove nail polish in no time. It also brightens the shoes’ soles. But you should use a non-acetone nail polish remover, as acetone can be drying to the cuticles.

You can try a homemade remedy by mixing white vinegar and olive oil. After rubbing the solution on the leather, you should be able to see the nail polish flakes off. You can then wipe off the solution with a paper towel. This remedy is safer than using a commercial product, but it may not be as effective as a professional-grade remover.

Using non-acetone nail polish remover is also effective in removing the stain, but make sure that you choose a product that does not bleach the leather. Moreover, non-acetone nail polish removers may dry out the leather, so you should be careful in choosing one. It is better to try the product on a small area before you apply it to your shoes.

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