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How To Check Wema Bank Account Balance

Want to know how to check Wema bank account balance without stressing? Then, read this post till the very end to know how to check the funds left in your bank account hands down. 

The first thing you should know is that you do not have to be so anxious or worried about it. This is because the procedure is seamless, or procedures preferably, as there is definitely more than a way to do this successfully.

Moreso, most of these methods will not take you out of your room or stress you even at the barest minimum.

Well, except your preferred mode of checking your Wema Bank account balance is one that will take you out of your room and stress you a bit.

Without much ado, let’s get straight to business.

How To Check Wema Bank Account Balance

There are various ways to check Wema bank account balance. Here are some of the popular ways:

  1. Via USSD Banking

How To Check Wema Bank Account Balance

This is a way of checking your account balance using the bank’s USSD code, *945#. The good thing about this method is that you do not need internet access or a smartphone for it. 

Simply dial *945#, select the “Check Account Balance” option and follow the prompts thereafter. Or, dial *945*0# straight up to check your account balance.

Either way, you need to register for Wema USSD banking to be eligible for the banking services. Usually, the bank deducts a token of less than ten Naira as USSD charges, but isn’t that fairer than the cost of transport fare to the bank?

Please note that you can only explore USSD services from the mobile number you linked to the Wema Bank account, otherwise the transaction will not be completed. 

All things being equal, you can use the USSD code any time, any day, anywhere!

  1. Through Wema Bank Mobile App

If you dislike the idea of the bank deducting charges from your bank account, and you have a smartphone, you can use this method.

This option of checking your Wema Bank account balance only requires a smartphone and internet access.

If you have gotten those ready, just visit your phone app store to download the Wema mobile app and install it on your phone. After doing that, launch and sign up on the mobile app to get your login details.

Sign in to your account and navigate to the menu option where you can check your account balance.

  1. Visit The Nearest ATM Stand

This mode of checking your Wema Bank account balance will require you to leave your house and locate an ATM stand. It won’t matter which bank owns the ATM stand, so don’t be very bothered.

When you find one, insert your ATM card and enter your four-digit pin. You will get a menu of various options where you will find “Inquiry” or “Check Balance” depending on how the ATM is programmed. 

Choose the applicable option and the ATM will display your account balance. I am sure you know that this might take you some time due to the ever-long queues at the ATM stands.

  1. Request A Bank Statement From The Bank

Lastly, you can visit the bank to check your account balance. All you have to do is to locate and walk into a Wema Bank branch around you. 

Head straight to the customer care unit, and approach a customer care representative. Table your request for a bank statement, and you will see your account balance and every other transaction you have carried out over the time frame you requested for.

You can also meet your account manager to check for you. That is if you do not want the entire gist bank statement provides. 

How To Check Wema Bank Account Balance- Conclusion

And here we are! That is all about how to check Wema Bank account balance using four different methods. There is the mobile approach and the physical approach to doing that, whichever interests you. 

However, always ensure that you have the specific requirements for each of those methods before setting out on any of the journeys.

I wish you all the best as you bank with Wema Bank. Good luck!

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