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Dumpster Diving In Missouri

Do you want to make extra cash from dumpster diving in Missouri and you are stuck on how to go about it?

The content of this post is what you need to make that bold step and get a better living with dumpster diving in Missouri.

Read along and discover more about garbage diving in Missouri.

Best Places To Dumpster Dive In Missouri

The state of Missouri has 3169 stores housed in 39 shopping centers and malls, which offers a dumpster diver a lot of options when choosing where to go for items to pick.

These stores are common in areas such as Chesterfield, Grover, Ballwin, Glencoe, and Eureka. These areas are regarded as hotspots when it comes to dumpster diving.

Missouri is a state that has it all for anyone who plans to embark on the adventure of dumpster diving.

Is Dumpster Diving Legal In Missouri?

Dumpster Diving In Missouri

Dumpster diving is totally legal in the state of Missouri if the laws guiding it are not broken. Adhering to the state’s trespassing law, municipalities’ policies and statutes, and local ordinances are the ways by which you will be on the right side of the law.

Is Dumpster Diving Allowed In Kansas City?

The Laws of Kansas City do not prohibit the act of dumpster diving, and that simply means it is legal.

However, there are laws against trespassing, and that applies to private properties, buildings with “no trespassing” notices, and business premises.

Is Dumpster Diving Legal In St. Louis?

According to the St. Louis ordinance 64116, scavenging is legal in the city of St. Louis but has some prohibitions.

The limits include the fact that garbage diving in the city is not allowed from dark to dawn, and scavenging in or from any container designated for recyclables is prohibited.

Is Dumpster Diving At Night Illegal In Missouri?

Dumpster diving is not illegal in the state of Missouri, but may differ in some cities. Some cities prohibit it totally while some allow it as long as it won’t lead to the breakdown of law and order.

Trash diving is favored by a lot of dumpster divers because of privacy, but it may involve law enforcement officers if the residents of the area feel threatened by the presence of multiple people in a place.

What are Dumpster Diving Safety Measures?

To avoid injuries when bin diving, there are measures to take and follow.

They are:

  • Wear boots and gloves 
  • Have a lamp in your possession if you plan to trash dive at night
  • Possess a stick or long pole to search for items through the dump
  • Check your local and state laws
  • Keep a stepladder in your vehicle
  • Bring hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes
  • Try to be quick when searching through a dumpster
  • Try to avoid being seen, but also don’t be suspicious 
  • Always check for animals such as raccoons and possums
  • Use Google Maps to scout for the best dumpster locations
  • Have a plan on what to say if someone confronts you
  • Wear work clothing and a high-vis safety vest to make yourself look official

What Are The Rules For Dumpster Diving In Missouri?

In cities where garbage diving is not prohibited, there are rules to be followed by a diver, and they are;

Obey Signage

If there are No Trespassing signs or notices of private property then it is considered illegal to dumpster dive in that area and you will be breaking additional laws if you disobey the signs.

Obey Locked Gates and Fences

There might be a time when you encounter a dumpster that is located behind a locked gate or fence. Don’t break the lock and trespass into the area because that is against the law and you could set yourself up for expensive consequences.

Don’t Litter 

Littering is an automatic offense, whether there is a signpost or not. So, avoid a costly penalty and clean up after yourself.

Stay on the Down Low

There is no reason to cause a disturbance while you’re diving for your treasures. Keep to yourself and don’t make a scene. Remember that disorderly conduct is a crime.

Respect Authority

 If you’re asked to leave the premises, no matter if it’s the property owner or law enforcement, respect their wish and respectfully leave the premises after cleaning up after yourself.

Offenses Related To Dumpster Diving

The offenses that can you can commit while garbage scavenging in Missouri include Trespassing, Disorderly Conduct, Identity Theft, Vandalism, and Littering.

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How Much Can I Make From Trash Diving In Missouri?

The amount of money you can make dumpster diving in Missouri is determined by several factors. Some people go dumpster diving solely to find recyclable items to sell and profit from.

Others may want to start garbage diving to get food or groceries for personal consumption. Many dumpster divers look for electronics, furniture, and books to sell on eBay or Facebook Marketplace.

Garbage diving will be difficult to sustain as a full-time job in Missouri because you will need to devote the whole time to it.

Averagely, dumpster divers earn around $1400 a week which equates to $5600 in a month in Missouri.

Final Thoughts

Dumpster diving in Missouri is not a hard task if the right information is with you, alongside the appropriate permits and licenses.

Once you have that, make sure to always follow the laws of the state, municipal statutes, and the local ordinances of the cities in which you plan to dump dive.

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