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How to Buy Airtime From Ecobank

If you have an Ecobank account, you can buy airtime from your bank by using their recharge codes. You can easily top up your mobile with up to N5,000 and receive it in no time. You can top up your phone using their mobile top-up service anytime, anywhere, and there’s no need to download an app. All you need is the phone number registered in your Ecobank account. Then, you can proceed to purchase airtime.

In this article, you will learn how to recharge your phone with airtime from your Ecobank account and more.

Recharging Your Phone with Airtime Through the USSD Code

This method is commonly used when trying to buy airtime from the account linked with the phone numbers or used to create the Ecobank account. This method is called self-recharge. 

Recharge for Self

To purchase airtime with Ecobank, simply dial *326#. Enter the amount of airtime you wish to purchase and your PIN to transfer it to another phone. For Example *326*2000#, now you have recharged N2000 airtime. Remember that this works well on all kinds of networks be it Glo, MTN, 9mobile, and Airtel.

You can then send the recharged airtime to your friend. To purchase data, you must first recharge your Ecobank account with at least 50 Naira. Once you have enough airtime, you can purchase data. Just be sure to keep your PIN handy.

After you have registered with Ecobank, you can begin buying airtime using your mobile. You can as well learn more about how to block Ecobank ATM cards after you have registered.

Recharge For Other Phone Numbers

Simply dial the USSD code: *326*Amount# to make a purchase. You’ll have to enter the recipient’s phone number and enter your PIN. Ecobank will credit your phone with the amount you choose. Once you’ve purchased your desired amount, you can use your phone to call people or send text messages. It’s as easy as that!

There are many ways to purchase airtime from Ecobank. USSD codes are available for a wide range of phone types, so you can use them on any telecommunication network. It’s fast, convenient, and secure! So, if you want to buy airtime from Ecobank, make sure you’ve enrolled for USSD banking.

Through the Ecobank Mobile Banking

Once you’ve signed up for Ecobank mobile banking, you can load your airtime with the Ecobank mobile app. After you’ve done this, you’ll receive a confirmation SMS. You can then proceed to recharge airtime to your desired phone number. After you’ve purchased the airtime, you can also buy it for your friends and family members. Then, all you need to do is use it! The process is easy, and you’ll be surprised at how easy it is!

Ecobank Airtime Recharge Limit

Ecobank management has capped each bank account recharge to 5,000 Naira daily. This means that you can not recharge more than 5,000 Naira from your Ecobank account in a day. The minimum amount you can recharge from your Ecobank account per day is 50 Naira so, once you reach 5000 Naira for that particular day, you can no longer buy airtime from the account again. You will have to wait till the next day. 

Ecobank’s new airtime top-up services will help its customers buy airtime easily. All you need is a compatible phone with a working Ecobank SIM card. You can recharge your phone by dialing a special USSD code. Unlike scratch cards, you don’t need to wait for a day or more to get credit. Once your airtime is loaded, you’ll be able to make calls to all networks and receive your credit instantly.


I hope you have learned how to use the Ecobank recharge code to recharge your phone and your others with airtime. Feel free to use any of the above means to recharge and enjoy seamless airtime all the time.



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