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How to Liquidate Gtbank Quick Credit Loan

 Borrowing money from financial institutions like Gtbank is inevitable when you are in dire need of money. The GTbank loan can be liquidated at once and this article will tell you how you can do it easily without going to the bank.

Gtbank Quick Credit Loan Liquidation?

Gtbank credit loan allows interested individuals to take a loan up to three months’ salary in advance with a 1.33% interest. This loan can be repaid within one year and doesn’t require any collateral.

Loan liquidation is simply the repayment of the borrowed loan just like the Gtbank quick credit loan. 

Gtbank quick credit loan can be paid in full at once, in half, or till the agreed time liquidates it doesn’t attract any penalty from the bank. 


How to Liquidate Gtbank Quick Credit Loan

Loan liquidation can be in half, full, or sell off the loan. Gtbank has various ways you can easily liquidate your quick credit loan easily. 

Some the ways include: 

  • USSD Code
  • Gtbank Mobile Internet Banking
  • Union Bank Mobile App
  • Visit any GTbank Branch



The same USSD code that can be used to apply for a GTbank quick credit loan can also be used to liquidate it

Follow the steps below:

  • Dial *737*55*51# on your mobile phone number linked to the account you received the loan with.
  • Provide the information requested 
  • Then input your ATM pin to complete the process. 


Gtbank Mobile Internet Banking

Here, you need to register on the Gtbank internet platform before you can access it. After registering if you are a new user, follow the steps below to liquidate your loan:

  • Open the Gtbank official site –
  • Sign in using your username and password
  • Then select LOAN LIQUIDATION
  • Check the loan box to select the loan you want to liquidate 
  • Provide an answer to the secret question to pass verification 
  • Then input a token/code sent to you then click on SUBMIT to complete the process. 


Union Bank Mobile App

Through the Gtbank mobile app, you can also liquidate your quick credit loan. Follow the steps below:

  •  Download the Gtbank mobile app from the play store or Appstore
  • Sign in using your username and password
  • Select INVESTMENT from the menu
  • Then select LOAN LIQUIDATION 
  • Click on the LOAN LIQUIDATION REQUEST to select the quick loan you want to liquidate 
  • Select REPAY LOAN
  • Then input your transaction pin to complete the process.

You will receive a message stating that your transaction is successful.


Visit any GTbank Branch

If the other options are not accessible to you, then visit any of the closest Gtbank branches to state your request. 

The customer care service agent will help you out with the liquidation of your loan. You can even make inquiries on how to start a POS business with GTBank

Frequently Asked Question

How do you liquidate a loan?

Answer – A loan liquidation can either be in part, sold off, or in full

How do I check my GTB loan balance?

Answer – To check your loan balance, dial *737*6*2#

What does liquidating a loan mean?

Answer – Liquidating a loan means paying back the loaned money.

What is the liquidation process?

Answer – Liquidation is the process of converting a company’s assets into cash and using those funds to repay, as much as possible, the company’s debts.


Final Thoughts

Gtbank quick credit loan is open to all interested individuals and it comes with an interest rate of 1.33%.

Whenever you want to liquidate your loan, this article has provided you with all the information you need on how to liquidate Gtbak quick credit loan. 


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