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How to Buy Airtime from Jaiz Bank

Learn how to buy airtime from Jaiz Bank from when you read this post till the end. It will amaze you how easy the procedure can be.

A lot of financial transactions have been made easy with Jaiz Bank through their mobile banking services.

You can now buy airtime from your Jaiz Bank account without having to go to the bank you can run out of airtime anytime or at any point in time.

This is all thanks to mobile banking that allows you to recharge your phone with airtime from your bank account. 

Apart from recharging your phone with airtime, you can also use this service to purchase data and perform other financial transactions using your mobile phone.

In this article, you will learn how to buy airtime and recharge your phone from your Jaiz Bank account.

How to Buy Airtime from Jaiz Bank Account.

The Jaiz Bank airtime recharge code allows you to buy credit from your account, it is a simple and convenient way to recharge your mobile phone anytime and anywhere.

All you need to do is to get the USSD code to buy your airtime. You will need to activate your phone number for USSD banking.

Dial *389*301*Amount# let’s say you want to recharge the #500 card to your phone now, you will have to press *389*301*500# and your phone will be recharged immediately.

Note that you can only buy airtime or recharge your phone with the number that is registered or linked with your Jaiz Bank account.

Jaiz Bank

Jaiz Bank is an Islamic bank that operates under Islamic laws. It is not a popular bank as big as other financial institutions in the Nigerian banking sector.

Jaiz Bank is a non-interest bank that gives loans without requesting interest on the loan amount. You can rarely see this elsewhere because most financial institutions offer a loan with interest.

This bank gives loans to small and medium business owners loans that have the fear of high rates of interest.

Jaiz Bank is the only Islamic bank that operates in Nigeria at the moment and has drawn interest from Muslims and followers of Islam. The bank uses Sharia Law to serve customers and offering its financial services.

In line with their technological innovations in the banking sector, they have created a unique USSD code to make banking easy for customers to be able to carry out several banking transactions using their mobile phones. 

This code is only available for people who have registered and opened a Jaiz bank account with their phone numbers to use on their mobile phones.

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Jaiz bank is not one of the most popular or most used banks by Nigerians, but they are on track to ensure they meet the banking needs of their few customers operating with them.

Be sure to get the USSD code required to recharge your phone with airtime and enjoy the seamless opportunity to recharge your phone anytime, anywhere.


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