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How to Activate Access Bank ATM Card

How to activate an Access bank ATM card is the knowledge that should be made available to all access bank users. If you are curious to know how you can activate your access bank ATM card, read along with this article.

Table of Content

  • Access Bank ATM Card 
  • Types of Access Bank ATM Cards
  • How to activate access bank ATM card


Access Bank ATM Card

The vast improvement in technology daily has ‌affected all sections of life, of which the banking sector is not left out. This brought various inventions like ATMs, ATM cards, and Mobile Apps. Internet Banking, etc. 

The ATM card (Automated Teller Machine) has brought about various advantages to both financial institutions and their customers.  

The bank issues these ATM cards to its customer and have the following functions and features:

  • It is efficient and timesaving
  • Payment of bills 
  • Transfer of funds and withdrawal
  • Checking of account balance, etc


Types of Access Bank ATM Cards

Access bank offers various types of ATM cards you can request that suites your need. They are:

  • Access bank credit card
  • Access bank debit card
  • Access bank prepaid cards

Access bank credit card (Visa)

The access bank credit card allows the user to make transactions in both local currencies (Naira) and international currencies like Dollar, Pound, Euros, etc. This card allows the card owner to purchase goods and services on loan.

Access Bank Debit card

Debit cards allow the user to purchase goods and services, pay bills, withdraw funds from ATM stands, etc. The funds are deducted directly from the account of the user. 


Access Bank Prepaid Cards

This is a reloadable ATM card, that gives the user the liberty of making multiple transactions without worrying about running out of funds. It can be used anywhere in the world. 


How to Activate Access Bank ATM Card

After the successful request and collection of your access bank ATM card, the next thing is to activate it in order to start using it.

Activating an ATM card is an easy task to complete as long as you have the right information. Access bank has provided several ways you can activate your ATM card, they are:

  • Through ATM Machine
  • Access Bank Customer Service
  • Visit any Access Bank Branch


Through ATM Machine

After collecting your access bank ATM card you can immediately activate it using any of the available access banks ATM machines around you. 

Follow the steps below:

  • Slot your new ATM card into the ATM machine
  • Input the default pin which is 0000
  • Select Create New Password
  • Input your preferred 4-digit password and complete the activation process. 


Access Bank Customer Service

To activate your access bank ATM card, you can also reach out to the access bank customer service to help with the activation. 

To use this method, follow the steps below:

  • Put a call through to access the bank’s customer care number – 01 280 2500
  • Request for ATM activation
  • Provide your card details and your preferred 4-digit pin

Once the information you provided is correct and confirmed by the customer service agent, your access bank ATM card will be activated. 


Visit any Access Bank Branch

You can visit any access bank branch nearest to you to activate your ATM card. Walk into the bank and approach the customer care desk. Request to activate your access bank ATM card and follow the instruction given. 

Frequently Asked Question

How long does it take to activate a new access bank ATM card?

Answer – As soon as you input your preferred 4-digit pin, your card gets activated immediately.

What is the card PIN in Access Bank?

Answer – Personal Identification Number (PIN) is what you used to complete a transaction anytime you use your access bank ATM

How do I unblock my access bank ATM card?

Answer – You unblock your access bank ATM card through the access mobile app, internet banking, access bank customer service, etc

Is access bank customer care 24 hours?

Answer – Yes, access bank customer service is always available 24 hours. 

How do I talk to a customer at Access Bank?

Answer – Simply dial any of the Contact Center helplines: 07003000000, 01-2802500, 01-2712005-7, and listen for the self-service option.


Access bank like every other financial institution issues ATM cards to its customers and allows each customer to choose any which is suitable to his needs. 

How to activate access bank ATM card shouldn’t be a difficult thing to do. All you need to do is either use any access bank ATM machine, reach out to access bank customer service, or go to any access bank branch nearest to you.

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