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How To Generate Access Bank Token Code

Would you like to know about the master key to all your online transactions, most especially internet banking? It is access bank token code, and I will be discussing every detail surrounding it in this post.

You might be wondering why you need it or why having one is important. Here is it: a token code is a security measure that an access bank user uses to authorize certain transactions.

Moreso, I understand that some access bank users know how important it is, but are clueless on how to register for one and/or how to generate access bank token code.

These are the aim of this post, so would you stick around while I give you a detailed guide on how to go about these?

Let us get the show on the road!

What Is Access Bank Token Code?

access bank token code

This is a peculiar token personal identification number (PIN) that Access Bank Plc. issues to its holders for the purpose of authenticating transactions.

Whenever you make a transfer, you will have to input the PIN to have a successful transaction. All of this is in a bid to secure the details of your access bank account and also your funds with the bank.

Types of Access Bank Token

Basically, there are two types of access bank tokens. They are:

  • Soft Token

This is the type of access bank token code you can generate with your phone or upon online registration. 

When a new token code is generated, you will receive it on the same phone number you linked with your access bank account. 

It is possible to generate soft tokens with USSD codes or access bank mobile app. 

  • Hard Token

Access bank hard token is a device that generates the taken code anytime you need to complete a transaction.

While the soft token code is a one-time pin you have to generate each time you perform a transaction, the hard token is a pin you get once from the bank and use all the time you need to perform a transaction.

How To Generate Token For Access Bank

Follow the steps below to successfully generate a token for access bank:

  1. Visit your phone app store
  2. Click on the search panel
  3. Type in “Entrust OTP” and hit the search button
  4. Download and install the app on your phone.

How To Register For Access Bank Token

Registration for access bank token is the first step you have to take to be a partaker of this special feature that guarantees the security of your account details and funds.

However, you will need the following to be eligible for registration:

  • An access bank account number
  • The mobile number you registered with the bank for your account
  • An email address
  • The sum of One Thousand, Five Hundred Naira Only (#1,500)

So, how do you register for the access bank token?

  1. Visit the access bank branch that hosts your account
  2. Locate the customer care unit of the branch, and request the internet banking platform. Or visit the bank’s website, then click on internet banking to begin.
  3. Then, request a token application form which you will need to fill out correctly.
  4. Double-check the details you have entered in the form.
  5. Thereafter, submit to the customer care representative.
  6. Pay a fee of #1,500
  7. Once the customer care rep is done reviewing what you submitted, the bank then assigns the unique token code to your account.
  8. Lastly, the agent will give you the details of the token pin and how to use it.
  9. There you go!

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I want to believe you have learned all about access bank token code, and most especially, how to generate token for access bank. I hope you found the steps straightforward and practical enough for you.

If you encounter any difficulties, reach out to the Access bank customer care center. Ask away if you have ‌questions, and also share your suggestions if you have any.

I would love to read your reviews and mobile banking experiences in the boxes below. Have a great time banking with the Access Bank Plc!

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