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How to Block a UBA ATM Card

How to block a UBA Atm card is a piece of information not everyone has any idea about. Most people panic when they have misplaced their UBA Atm card which most times can be stolen as well.

The thought of the unforeseen outcome when the atm card is stolen is the least when you do not know what to do

Stay calm. 

This article provides you with ways how to block the UBA atm card.

What is ATM Card?

Automated Teller Machine Cards (ATM Cards) are plastic issued cards with chips given by banks to customers to withdraw cash and execute daily transactions wherever they are. 

Its advent has helped in preventing bank customers from going to the bank regularly to withdraw money and has made it easier to purchase goods and services in the comfort of their homes. 

ATM cards are visa cards, master cards, etc. and these cards can only be used at ATM machine stands all over the country and require a PIN (Personal Identification Number). 

All withdrawals using an ATM card are immediately deducted from the customer’s account. All financial institutions issue these cards for the convenience of their customers, of which UBA is not left out. 


Types of ATM Cards

There are various types of ATM cards but the major ones are Credit cards and Debit cards.

Credit Cards

A credit card is a plastic card issued by financial institutions which allows the card owner to purchase goods and services on loan. There is a stipulated time agreed for the repayment of the loan. 

The funds used for the settlement of the bills are not withdrawn from the user’s bank account, unlike debit cards.

Debit Cards

Debit cards allow the user to purchase goods and services, pay bills, withdraw funds from ATM stands, etc. The funds are deducted directly from the account of the user. There is a monthly fee charged by the issuer for using the debit card.  Examples of debit cards include Visa cards, Mastercard, etc. 

How to Block a UBA ATM Card

Most people get worried when they discover that their ATM card has been misplaced or stolen.

With the full knowledge of what might happen due to losing the ATM card, such as losing the real money in your account, fraudulent activities, etc. 

The moment you notice that your ATM card is missing, the next thing to do is to block it immediately. 

Under this guide, I will explain the various ways how to block a UBA ATM card which are: 

  • Through USSD Code
  • Via Internet Banking
  • Contact Customer Support
  • Visit a Nearest UBA Branch


Through USSD Code

Using the UBA USSD bank code to block your ATM card is one of the easiest ways. It doesn’t require your presence in the bank to complete the process. 

To get started:

  • Dial *919#
  • Press 8 to go to the next prompt
  • Select option 2 (ATM card) 


You can also dial *919*10# and continue the process from there. 

Note – This method should be done from the phone number linked to your bank account, if not this process won’t work. 

Via Internet Banking

UBA internet banking is one that allows the customer to use the bank’s site to perform various banking functions at the convenience of their homes. 

One of these is allowing customers to block their ATM cards in case its stolen, compromised, unauthorized transaction, etc. 

To block your UBA ATM card using this method, follow the steps below:


   You have to register on the internet banking platform before you can access it. To register, you can use the Instant Self-Registration service where you would be required to fill out a registration form. 


Contact Customer Support

This is another method that allows UBA customers to block their ATM cards wherever they are.

Customer support centers are designated to attend to and help customers with their immediate needs.

There are various ways you can contact UBA customer support like:


Visit a UBA Branch

If there is any UBA bank branch closest to you, easy walk into the branch, approach the customer service officer and request to block your ATM card, and you will be attended to. You can also as for UBA sort code to make your transactions.

You can also request a new one immediately and collect it before leaving the bank. 


Frequently Asked Question

How can I block my UBA ATM card online?

Answer – You can block your UBA ATM card online by using the internet banking (

How can I block my ATM card by SMS?

Answer – To block your SBI ATM card via SMS, you need to send ‘BLOCK<space>XXXX’ to 567676 from your registered mobile number. Here, XXXX is the last 4-digits of your card number.

What should I do if my ATM card is lost?

Answer – Once you notice that your ATM card is missing, you should block it immediately. 

Can an ATM card be tracked?

Answer –  There is no possible means of tracking a misplaced or stolen ATM card. The smart chip on the ATM card doesn’t work as a means of tracking your ATM card. 


Final Thoughts

The introduction of ATM cards has helped the customers greatly in terms of bills payment, transfer of funds, purchase of goods and services, etc. 

Ways on How to block UBA ATM cards have been explained in this article which inclined, through USSD codes, internet banking, contacting customer support, and visiting any UBA branch. 

However, in the case of theft or misplacement of your ATM card, the next thing to do is to block the ATM card immediately.


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