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How To Transfer Money From UBA Painlessly

You will get a detailed explanation of how to transfer money from UBA to other UBA accounts or other financial institutions in Nigeria. You can successfully do this with or without the internet on your mobile phone.

With UBA support of direct mobile transfer of funds, you can conveniently perform transactions anywhere and anytime on your mobile device. 

There are many transfer codes for UBA money transfers available to all customers of the bank with 24 hours of available service. 

The process is stress free with simple USSD codes. You should note, however, that before performing any transactional operation on your phone with your personal account, ensure to link your registered phone number with your bank account.

If you are finding it difficult to link your phone number with your bank account, you can visit the customer care unit for a phone number linking at any UBA branch near you.

Advantages of UBA Mobile Transfer Codes

  1. It is compatible with all phone types
  2. You can choose between using data or not
  3. It is easy and convenient
  4. It lets you send money to different banks in Nigeria
  5. Availability of higher transaction transfers

How To Transfer Money From UBA

Via UBA Transfer Code

Follow these steps carefully and transfer from a UBA account to another bank account with ease:

  • Dial *919# 
  • Select “5” to send funds
  • Select your preferred payment method, i.e. select “1” for UBA Account and “2” for UBA Prepaid card  
  •  If you have not registered before, click “1” to sign up and follow the prompt
  • Answer the questions correctly and make a transfer via the UBA transfer code

When making the transfer, you can make use of the code directly by dialing *919*4# or simply complete it by dialing *919*4*account number*amount#

How To Transfer From UBA

Here’s a list of all UBA Transfer Codes to use:


Transactions UBA Transfer Codes
Money transfer to a UBA account *919*3# >> follow the prompt.
Money transfer from UBA to other banks *919*4# or *919*4*account number*amount#
Money Transfer to a UBA Prepaid Card *919*32#
Money Transfer to Microfinance Banks, Fintechs & Other institutions *919*6#

Other UBA Codes:

Balance Check *919*00#
Top-Up for Self *919*Amount#
Top-Up for others *919*Phone number*Amount#
Transfer to UBA Account *919*3*Account number*amount#
Load UBA Prepaid Card *919*32#
Transfer to other Banks *919*4*Account Number*Amount#
Pay bills *919*5#
ATM Cardless withdrawal *919*30*Amount#

Transfer Via Mobile App

You can also wire money conveniently through UBA mobile banking app on your smartphone. 

Where the transfer code isn’t working, you can use the mobile app for fund transfers to other banks in Nigeria. There are also ways how to get a UBA secure pass.

The step is quite easy, search for UBA Mobile App and download it. Install the app on your smartphone and follow the prompt correctly. 

Ways To Deactivate UBA Bank USSD Code

There are several situations that can lead to you wanting to deactivate the USSD code like a phone loss. 

Here’s a simple guide to preventing a fraudulent act in your bank account.

You can simply dial *919*911# to deactivate the USSD code from being active on your device. 

Final Thoughts

This is a mobile era and a simple USSD code is one of the ways on how to transfer from UBA account to another UBA account or to other financial institutions in Nigeria.

You can make this transaction through the USSD Code and through the UBA mobile app that this article has tackled. 

Moreso, there are many other codes highlighted for other UBA banking transactions as easy as they could ever be.

Also see how to increase UBA transfer limit on UBA mobile app.

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