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How to Create a UBA Transfer Pin

 The United Bank for Africa has offered its customers a platform where they can carry out transactions and bank easily with the use of their mobile phones. However, you have to register for mobile banking with your UBA account registered phone number. With UBA magic banking code, you can transfer funds or recharge your phone with airtime on the go. 

If you have a UBA account and are looking to make transfers, you might be wondering how to create a UBA transfer pin. This simple process will help you to access your account even without an internet connection. 

Creating a UBA Transfer Pin

In order to create your UBA transfer pin, you will first need a phone number and then dial *919#. Press the number 7 option which says “Pay Bills” then press the number 1. After that, you can now sign up with an account with a PIN or Prepaid with PIN and then follow other instructions that display on your mobile phone number, then you can create your 4-digit PIN for your transfers. After that, you will need to select UBA mobile banking and enter the pin that you just created. 

Another method to Create a UBA PIN

 To generate your UBA transfer code, simply dial *919*30*Amount#. A welcome message will be displayed. Once you have your UBA transfer code, you can now perform cardless withdrawals at any ATM. You can use your UBA transfer code as many times as you want.


If you already have a UBA account, you can use the UBA transfer code to transfer money to another bank. You will need your account number and the amount you would like to transfer to the other bank. You can use the shortcode “*919*4” to transfer funds. Once you have this code, you can go online to make a transfer. Make sure that you don’t disrupt the system or the servers.

You can also use your UBA mobile account number to create a UBA transfer PIN for your debit card. Unlike a regular debit card, you can use your phone number as your PIN. However, you must have a registered phone number to do this. If you forget your pin, you can also call UBA Customer Service and get it to reset. You can also use your UBA mobile app to reset it.

To check your account balance, just dial *919# from your mobile phone. Once you have the code, enter it to verify that you have the correct account number. Afterward, you can use the UBA mobile banking service to transfer money to any Nigerian bank. With this service, you can also have a higher transaction limit, up to N1m per day. However, if you want to transfer more money, you can use your UBA mobile banking code to make a transfer.

How Do I Reset My UBA Transfer PIN?

To reset your UBA transfer PIN, you have to dial *919# and press the number 8 for “Next”, then press option 6 for “Next” again. After this, you can now press 4 for PIN setup and then press 1 for “Reset PIN” using your account number.

 Option Two

You can also reset your PIN using the Prepaid Card and then, you should follow other instructions on the mobile phone number. After this, you can now enter your old 4-digit PIN and you will be required to enter your new 4-digit PIN again. 

You can use either of the two methods to reset your UBA transfer PIN.


Requirements to Reset my UBA Transfer PIN

You need the following to successfully reset your UBA transfer PIN.

  • Your UBA account with PIN
  • Prepaid with PIN
  • Your mobile phone with good network coverage
  • Your registered phone number.

With this all these put in place, you are good to go with your UBA reset PIN.

UBA  Mobile Banking 

UBA mobile banking is very convenient and fast. It’s safe and easy to use, and it’s available on all major phone networks. Just make sure to have a registered phone number and an active account. Once you have your phone number and PIN, you’re ready to make a UBA transfer code. If you’re new to mobile banking, you should consider signing up for UBA’s mobile banking services to make your mobile banking experience even more convenient and secure.

You can also use UBA’s shortcode to recharge your phone or buy data. To do this, you’ll need to confirm the recharge code with your PIN. UBA also lets you buy airline tickets. All you need to do is type in the shortcode and your PIN will be sent to your phone. Then you can start transferring money in minutes. With UBA, you can transfer money anywhere you want.

If you don’t have a debit card or ATM, you can get your UBA transfer code without an ATM card by activating your UBA USSD codes.


I hope you have learned how to rest your UBA transfer PIN in this article. You can also learn how to link your UBA prepaid card to Paypal from our other article and you will be glad you did. Also, you can learn about how to open a UBA salary account here.

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