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How to check First Bank Statement of Account

Most people do not know what to do other than go to the bank when it comes to getting their first bank account statement. 

Checking a statement of account is now made easy by the various financial institutions in Nigeria.

This article is well equipped with all the information you need on how to check the first bank statement of account. 

What is a Statement of Account?

A statement of account is the total summary of all financial transactions of a particular account over a certain period. It can be ‌monthly or weekly, depending on your choice. 

A statement of account provides in detail the financial activities of an account and it is usually issued by a financial institution. 

A statement of the account consists of the following:

  • The account owner’s name, address, email address, phone number, etc.
  • The other party’s name, address, phone number, email address, etc
  • Date issued
  • Statement Identification Number
  • Customer ID or account number
  • Account balance from the last transaction
  • Details of all transactions individually, etc. 


This statement of account can be issued in the printed paper (the customer is charged for this) and can be emailed to your account. 

Although banks don’t issue statements of accounts that are accurate again because of the transactions made online the bank doesn’t have the vendors’ full information.


Account balance differs from a statement of account. Your account balance is the ‌fund in your account, while a statement of account is the record of all your financial transactions.


How to Check Statement of Account on First Bank

The first bank has created different ways by which customers can request their statement of account with ease. 

You can request your first bank statement of account through:

  • USSD code
  • First bank Mobile App
  • Online Mobile Banking



Getting your statement of account through the USSD code is the easiest, simply because all you need is your mobile phone. 

Follow the procedures below:

  • Dial *894# on the phone number linked to your account number
  • Select Quick banking or press 1
  • In the next prompt, select Enquiry Service or choose number 4
  • After that, select Mini-statement or select number 4
  • Input your 5-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) 


Note When checking your account’s statement using the USSD code, you should know that the statement you will receive will be a mini-statement.

First bank Mobile App

The first bank mobile app offers various functions for the ease of its customers. It is efficient and very easy to use. To get your statement of account through the first bank  mobile app, follow the steps below:

  • Log in to your first mobile app using your user ID and password
  • Tap on your account balance to view your statement of account. 

You can select the duration of the transaction record you want to check and learn how to upgrade your First bank savings account through the process.


Online Mobile Banking

If you do not have access to any of the ways above, you can decide to log on to the first bank online to request your statement of account. 

  • Log in to first bank online banking
  • Click on All services and settings
  • Then click on View statements
  • Select Electric Statement Delivery then choose Electronic Statement Only Delivery
  • Click Accept
  • You will be asked to verify your email address to which the statement of account will be sent.


Before you can have access to online banking, ‌register for online banking to get your user ID and password.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get my first bank statement online?

Answer – Yes, you can get an e-statement. It is the same as the paper-printed statement of account.

What is the password to open a PDF bank statement?

Answer – The password to open the bank statement sent to you is your account number without adding the 0

How do I check my first bank statement on my phone?

Answer – Dial *894# from your mobile phone and follow the prompts to get your mini statement

What does a mini statement mean?

Answer – A mini statement is a list of recent 3 or 5 transactions carried out by a customer. Shows transaction details for the statement period requested by the customer. 

Can I get 3 months bank statement online?

Answer – You can have 3 to 6 months of your transactions sent to you through the mobile banking app.

How do I print a bank statement?

Answer – You can sign in to online banking, sign in Online Banking, and select Statements & Documents under the Accounts tab, then go to the Request statements tab and select Order a paper statement copy.


Final Thoughts

A first bank account statement is the detailed record of your financial transaction over the month or week. 

You can get your first bank statement of account through USSD code (*894#), FirstMobile, and online mobile banking. 






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