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How To Upgrade My First Bank Savings Account

Would you like to know how I overcame the ordeal of bank restrictions on my first bank savings account? Read this guide on ‘How to Upgrade My First Bank Savings Account’ to upgrade your account.

Are you expecting some huge sum of money, which is way more than the cumulative value of your account very soon? 

Or it has even landed, and your account has been frozen? Or your access to certain First bank services are limited due to the tier of account you currently operate? 

Whatever the case may be, the counter-action to it is to get an upgrade on your account, perhaps to a tier where there is no limit to what you can do with the account.

Does the sound of that make you cringe, all because you assume it is a big deal? Oh no, it isn’t! Just take a chill pill, hang around and see for yourself how cheap the process is.

Given that, shall we begin? Great, read with me while I walk you through the process of upgrading your first bank savings account.

How To Upgrade My First Bank Savings Account

How To Upgrade My First Bank Savings Account

There are two ways to upgrade your First Bank savings account, and regardless of the option you choose, there are some important documents you will need to complete the process.

Therefore, let’s take a look at these requirements.

What Are The Requirements To Upgrade My First Bank Savings Account?

  • A means of identification such as a national passport, national identification card, permanent voter’s card (PVC), or a driver’s license. Ensure the card is yet to expire and bears a clear picture of you.
  • A utility bill, which could be your rent receipt, NEPA bill, or water bill. It is usually to prove your residence, so it must have been issued not more than three months ago. Otherwise, it will be rejected by any first bank representative attending to you. The most widely accepted utility bill is the electricity bill.
  • Two passport photographs – Even though just one is required, hold two just in case policies have changed so you aren’t left stranded.

I assume you have gotten these ready. Good!

So, what are the two methods you can employ to upgrade your First Bank savings account? You can upgrade your savings account remotely or physically. 

How To Upgrade My First Bank Savings Account Remotely

This is not a very typical approach but is usually employed when the customer needs to upgrade her/his account but is unavailable at the moment.

With this method, he/she does not need to be present at the bank physically. Here is how to go about it:

  1. Call the First Bank customer care center
  2. Request that the call be put through to the Accounts Manager
  3. Explain your situation and table your request.
  4. You will be given an alternative on how to complete the process in absentia.

How To Upgrade My First Bank Savings Account Physically

This method, as the name implies, requires that you visit the bank in person. Thus, the first step in this approach is to prepare your mind to visit any First bank branch around you with the necessary documents.

Moving on, follow the steps indicated below:

  1. Confirm that you have all of the requirements stated above, and double-check that they meet the conditions where applicable.
  2. Walk into any branch of First Bank in your vicinity.
  3. When you get there, head straight to the customer service unit of the branch to place your account upgrade request.
  4. You will be asked to present the documents you came with.
  5. Once you do that, you will be issued a form to fill right there.
  6. Your request will be processed if there are no errors in the details you submitted.

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I hope you found this post on how to upgrade my first bank savings account helpful. You have two options to choose from to raise your account limit and eliminate whatever restriction was placed on it depending on your choice.

I would love to read your reviews on this post, your suggestions, and your experience while trying out any of the methods in the comments section. 

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