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How To Register & Login To GTBank Kenya Internet Banking

Do you want to get on the internet banking train but don’t know how to? Master how to register & login to GTBank Kenya internet banking.

With the GTBank Internet banking App, you get to experience banking right in the comfort of your home just with an internet connection.

It launches you into a limitless world of banking transactions with the internet banking app. 

The channel is technologically designed to allow you access to your accounts and lets you perform more than 90% of your banking transactions comfortably online. 

That surely isn’t all. 

Additionally, you get the convenience of managing and monitoring your finances 24/7. With the app, you can now bank more safely and securely in your comfort zone.  

GTBank Internet Banking App Download and Activation



Simply visit the app store on your phone and search for “GTBank”, click on the download button and install the app. Enter your user ID and password. 

If you do not have the login details, dial *737*6*5# from your registered smartphone or visit and click on the “Register” button on the tab with internet banking.

Endeavor to change the password after 2 hours of receiving.

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  • Go to the NetBanking Registration Page
  • Input your customer ID and confirm your mobile number to get your One-Time. Password (OTP)
  • Enter the OTP on the provided screen space
  • Click on your type of credit card and input the details
  • Set your IPIN
  • Login to NetBanking and enter your customer ID and the newly created IPIN

IDs And Passwords In Mobile Banking

The user ID and password systems belong to the list of the oldest forms of digital authentication. 

This type of authentication system prompts a user to enter his ID and password for easy access to a particular system. They are easy to use and implement but could sometimes face security risks. 

However, the emergence of internet banking has reduced some of these risks as you can bank safely online without fear of your details being compromised.

Internet Banking On Mobile Phones?

GTBank Internet Banking App Download

As much as you can operate internet banking on many devices, a mobile phone is another device to perform such tasks aside from mobile banking apps. 

So, the answer to this is yes, you can perform internet banking on a mobile phone with no hassle. 

The phone does not store your details directly, but rather access them from a secure data center. 

Sometimes, you get a refund from the bank if your phone account gets compromised.

Benefits Of The GTBank Internet Banking App

  • You can access your accounts easily from anywhere in the world
  • Access to bank products and information
  • Assured security for all transactions performed online.
  • Comfortable conduction of banking transactions from the comfort of your home
  • Real-time account monitoring online
  • 24 hours access to your account
  • Cheap and effective ways of communicating with the bank.

Features of the GTBank Internet Banking App

  • Third-party transfers
  • Transaction monitoring and account statement printing
  • Requesting, confirming, and terminating cheques
  • Flight ticket booking
  • US Visa fee payment

How To Register and Login To GTBank Kenya Internet Banking

It is no news that there are several GTBank branches in Nigeria and beyond. You can easily follow these guidelines to register with GTBank Kenya Internet Banking. 

Mind you, do not confuse mobile banking with internet banking. They are both used for banking transactions, although you get more with the online banking app. 

So, to register for GTBank Kenya Internet Banking;

  1. Visit the GTBank Kenya official site at
  2. At the bottom right, enter the “Register” in the internet banking section
  3. Scroll ‌down to the right bottom and click on the “Download Form” link
  4. Click on “Internet Banking” on the list shown on the screen and download it
  5. After downloading the PDF, print out the hard copy form
  6. Fill the form with the correct details
  7. Visit the nearest GTBank Kenya and submit the application form
  8. The bank will assess your application and get you registered online
  9. After registration, you will be provided with your login details.

Logging in To Your GTBank Kenya Internet Banking App

  • Visit the GTBank Kenya Website at
  • Click on the “login” link in the internet banking section
  • The screen will display the GTBank iBanking login, click “click here to login”
  • Enter your user ID and password
  • Click on login and sign in to your account.

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Final Thoughts

Whether in Nigeria or in Kenya, GTBank internet banking app download on your phone is quite easy, and you can enjoy unlimited banking transactions in your comfort zone. 

With the article, you get to know the benefits and features of internet banking together with ways to download it. 

Make banking transactions easy with the GTBank internet banking app!

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