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Learn How To Block GTB ATM Card Easily

Be it that they have robbed you of your GTB ATM card or you do not know where you might have left it, it is essential to alert your financial institution and block the ATM card before it gets into the wrong hand.

As you know, they can use your ATM card in several ways to lift money out of your bank account. 

There are measures that your financial institution has put in place to perform this task conveniently without having to visit the bank in person. Why go through all that banking procedures when you can just sort it right in your comfort zone? 

In this article is a list of ways on how to block your GTB ATM card, stick around to find out how.

How To Block GTB ATM Card

Just as there are several GTB transfer codes on the net, there are several ways to block your GTB ATM card with no stress. 

It is no news again that GTBank has lots of advanced technology to proffer effective solutions to an issue like this through codes, SMS, USSDs, and the likes. 

We’ll be looking at these ways in isolation to get them fully right.

How To Block GTB ATM Card Via SMS

Blocking your GTB ATM card by SMS is one of the simplest procedures for ATM blocking. 

It doesn’t take time and you get a response from the financial institution within a short period. To block, simply send HOTLIST together with your account number to 08076665555.

However, ensure that you send the SMS from the phone number registered with your GTBank account. There has to be a link between the ATM Card and the phone number to ensure an effective response. 

After sending this SMS, your ATM and account would be locked, then you will receive a confirmation SMS from GTBank.

How To Block GTB ATM Card Via USSD Code

Aside from SMS, GTBank has made provision for ATM blocking through the USSD Code for easy access by their customers. 

To avoid fraudster cases, you can simply *737*51*74# on your Nigerian mobile phone number, and your account would be locked and ATM automatically blocked with no service charge. After dialing this USSD Code, you would be asked to input your registered phone number with your 737 PIN. 

With this, they will restrict your account from performing all forms of transactions, which include debits transfer. This way, no fraudulent activity can be performed successfully on your account, even with your ATM out there.

In order to unlock the account after finding your ATM or getting a new one, you will have to put a call through to the GTBank care center or visit any of their branches near you. 

How To Block GTB ATM Card Via Online Banking 

The online banking blocking process might be a lot, but can be very effective when blocking an ATM card. 

To block an ATM Card via online blocking, you will have to first enroll for online banking through your bank details form. 

You can follow this by logging on to the GTBank online banking portal at filling in your correct details. 

  • Go to the Menu button and click on cards and cheques
  • By the left menu portal, click on cards. 
  • Then, click on card hotlist. 
  • Input the card number accurately and answer some of the preset security questions. 
  • After this process, click on continue and input the token code.
  • Click on continue again to successfully end the process. 

With these, they will block your ATM card with immediate effect.

How To Block GTB ATM Card Via Card Calling Service

Card calling service is another easy way to block your GTBank ATM card. Depending on the misplaced or stolen card, you can put a call through to the related card service through different numbers.

If it is a loss that deals with debit and credit cards, the available number to call are; 01-4480000, 08039003900, 0r 0700GTConnnect to ask that your ATM card be deactivated.

As said earlier, it is important to get rid of unwarranted use of your account when you misplace or get it stolen. 

On a later day, you can reverse the old card and get a new card for every necessary transaction.

Reasons For ATM Card Blocking

Be it a debit or credit bank account, the reasons for blocking may include misplacement, theft, or card robbery. 

This can occur to anyone at a point in time. If such ever happens around you, these several ways to block a GTBank account will help you settle the situation.

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Final Thoughts

We have voyaged through different means of blocking your ATM Card with little or no stress at all depending on which means you have opted for. 

Meanwhile, in case you misplace your GTBank ATM card or it’s been stolen, you can easily block all activities to avoid the emergence of fraudulent activities.

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