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GTBank Branches, Growth & Operations in Nigeria

In 1990, Guaranty Trust Bank, commonly known as GTBank or GTCO, was granted the license to operate, which led to its founding and has grown to have numerous GTBank branches over the country and beyond.

The top-notch services they render to their customers on a daily basis have contributed fully to their growth.

That has also resulted in more customers, which surely equates to more GTBank branches across the nation.

How Many GTBank Branches Are There In Nigeria?

GTBank Branches

Without branches, there is no chance of business expansion and GTBank is not to be found wanting in this aspect.

A total of 265 GTBank branches are scattered everywhere across the nation for the use of customers.

How Do I Find A GTBank Branch Near Me?

A question that has lingered in the minds of many for a long time without a solution. 

You can’t blame anyone for asking this type of question. This is because some banks have the habit of situating their branch in areas that are well known and neglecting other places, not minding the presence of their customers in those areas.

If you are one of those who have the question at the back of your mind on a constant basis, GTBank has proferred a solution to that.

Rather than paying an extra charge for that, just pay attention. Then, grab a smartphone with a good internet connection.

Following the steps below will surely help when trying to locate the nearest branch to you:

  • Log on to your browser
  • Visit the page dedicated to locating the nearest branch to you
  • Select from the list of options on the page.
  • Use Current Location, View List of Branches or input your town or state in the spaces provided
  • It will show you the nearest branch to you after processing.

Are There ATM Galleries At The GTBank Branches?

GTBank branches

Another worrying trend is the inability of some banks to equip all their branches with functional ATMs.

These would have been very useful for Nigerians who can’t stand the long queue in the banking hall because of reasons best known to them.

GTBank, being one of the functional banks in the country, should be able to provide an answer to this question when asked by customers via their social media platforms.

The good news is that there are over 1200 ATMs in 90% of GTBank branches across the country. This is alongside their ATM stands that have been placed in various locations in all 36 states of the federation.

Also see GTBank sort codes in Nigeria.


Being a top player in the banking sector of the Nigerian economy, Guaranty Trust Bank has always led from the front with innovative ideas such as the GTBank App for PC.

Also, the opening of bank accounts online, and 24hrs unmatched customer relations, which have resulted in gaining the trust of many Nigerians who bank with them.

Enjoy banking with the one you can trust.

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