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How To Check Your GTBank Account Details In Nigeria

GTBank account details are personal information to all GTBank users which is uniquely issued. Not all GTBank customers have their account details abreast due to the number of combinations.

There are ways you can retrieve your GTBank account details which are well explained in this article under the following guide:

  • GTBank Account Details
  • How to Check Your Gtbank Account Details


Gtbank Account Details

Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) is a financial institution that performs all banking transactions. The bank allows customers all over the country to open a bank account with them. 

Each customer is required to submit some basic information before opening an account and an account number consisting of 10 digits is issued uniquely to each customer.

Gtbank account details include:

  • Your Name
  • Account number.

The account numbers enable the bank to identify each customer uniquely without confusion. Also, it makes transactions between customers of GTBank and other banks easier. 

With your account number, you can receive money from anywhere in the world, and at the same time can transfer funds to anyone across the globe. 

How to Check Your Gtbank Account Details

Checking your GTBank account details gets easier day by day due to the advent of more ways it can be done. 

This article will take us through different ways you can check your GTBank account details. 

Through the USSD Code

Checking your GTBank account details through USSD code is by far the easiest way because it requires no internet connection. All you need is a phone with the phone number linked to your bank account.

Dial *737*6*1# and your GTBank account number will be displayed on the screen. This can be done using any mobile phone. 


Via GTB Mobile App

The GTB mobile app gives GTBank customers control to manage their bank accounts wherever they are. Through this mobile app, you can easily check your account details, all you need to do is:

  • Download the mobile app from either the play store (for android users) or the Apple store (for iPhone users) 
  • Upon installation, open the app and sign in using your username ID and password.
  • Click on Accounts 
  • Then your account details will be displayed immediately together with your name, phone number, etc.


Visiting a Gtbank Branch

If you have a GTBank branch near you, then this option is a great option for you, also for those that are not well versed with phones.

Walk into the GTBank, approach the customer service agent and request to know your account details. Some information like your account name, phone number, and date of birth will be asked and once it is correct, your account details will be provided to you. 

Using the Internet Banking

Before you can use this, you must have registered on the GTBank online platform as you will need your username and ID to log in. Once you have signed in with your login details, you will be taken straight to the dashboard where you can see your account details on it. 

Through Statements of Account and Cheque Book

Your GTBank bank checkbook is used to make a withdrawal from the bank, it also carries your account details as well as other information. 

There might be other numbers written in the checkbook (routing number and checkbook number), just focus on the 10 digits which are your account number. 

Note –  You can also check your account details through GTBank social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, etc.

There are GTBank representatives that are readily available to attend to customers’ needs as soon as you communicate your request to them. 

You will need:

  • Your account name
  • Date of birth
  • The mobile number linked to your bank account
  • Address, etc. 


Frequently Asked Question

How do I identify my account number?

Answer – Your account number is the 10 digits issued to you by the bank. For example – 0212875168

How can I know my account number through my phone?

Answer – Dial *737*6*1# on your mobile phone with the phone number linked to your account number. 

How can I identify my account number on the checkbook?

Answer – The 10 digits number is written below the checkbook after the routing number.


The GTBank account numbers are uniquely issued to each customer. The details enable customers to perform transactions like deposits, transfers, payments of bills, etc, easily between each other and customers of other banks. 

My GTBank account details can also be retrieved by contacting GTBank’s customer service number or by using gtb customer service number. Anytime you find the need to get your GTBank account details, all you need to do is to follow any of the above ways that are convenient for you. 


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