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What is a NUBAN Number?

NUBAN is an acronym that stands for Nigeria Uniform Bank Account Number. It is the same as a bank account number that is in line with the decree from the Central Bank of Nigeria in 2011 which compelled all Nigerian banks to provide account numbers of not more than 10 digits.

In Nigeria today, every bank is required to have a unique NUBAN code for every customer account such as Current accounts, Savings accounts, Deposit accounts, and so on. At present, a NUBAN code is a series of unique 10 digits which is written without any spaces or dashes. For example, 0000345678

A correct NUBAN number is required for you to send money to someone in Nigeria and the number should be correct and complete so that your transactions can be completed and not delayed, returned, or sent to the wrong person altogether.  Thankfully there is a simple way for you to find your GTBank NUBAN number and all the details you need, read on to learn more. 


How To Get GTBank NUBAN Account Number

Many GTBank customers may be wondering how to get their NUBAN number or you may be asking yourself  “how to get my GTBank Nuban number” well the answer to this question is simple, you don’t need to go to the bank or the nearest ATM terminal. All you need to do is to either send an email or an SMS to GTBank customer care service. If you prefer SMS, follow these simple steps.

  • Go to your message icon on your phone and click on it 
  • Select  “New Text Message” or “Create New Message” on your phone
  • Then you should type “my account”
  • After that, you should enter the number 08076665555 without any space or to the “sent” box.

After you complete this step, you should now wait for a few minutes and you will get a message notification that contains your full name and your GTBank Nigerian Uniform Bank number which is typically ten digits. Note that the number must be sent from the phone number you have linked with your GTBank account, this is because it is your registered number that will enable your account to be recognized which will now authenticate your request.


Using USSD Code to Find GTBank NUBAN Account Number

USSD code is the easiest method to find your GTBank Nuban number, it is popularly known as magic banking. To find your Nuban code, all you need to do is to dial *737*6*1#. You will immediately receive a message containing your GTBank NUBAN account number. You should also make sure to use the phone number you have linked with your GTBank account for your request to be granted. 

Other Means to Find GTBank NUBAN Number

For an email option, you should follow the same steps to get your GTBank NUBAN number. You can also find your GTBank Nuban number on the correspondence and statements or by logging into your online banking to check the number. Recently it has been found that you can get your GTBank Nuban number by using the handy online NUBAN finder tool. This tool has been very effective in finding many NUBAN numbers for people over time. 

If after going through all these methods, you still can’t find your Nuban number you can call your local branch and talk to the customer care representative to tell you your NUBAN number or rather to any of  GTBank branches and have talked to one of their customer representative face to face to get your Nuban number for you.

Knowing your NUBAN number is quite important, so you should check out what it is so you can be able to make any bank transaction anytime you want.

Do I Need a NUBAN for an International Transfer?

Before you arrange your transfer, it is quite important to invest some of your time in looking at different international payment providers. Of course, you will need a Nuban account number for you to successfully transfer to an international account number, this is because the number is highly recognized across countries, and it is capable of authenticating your transactions. In making an international transfer, you can also know the swift code for gtbank to make swift transactions.



The GTBank Internation Money Transfer (GTMT) is typically designed to enable its customers and non-account holders to send and receive funds to And from any GTBank subsidiary in West Africa. So, for all these processes to go smoothly, a Nuban number is launched to enable the users to perform their transactions within their comfort zones. Therefore, you should check your NUBAN number today to enjoy the benefits that come with it.



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