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Uba Africard

Uba Africa is an innovation that all UBA customers should have full information about, so as to enjoy its benefits.

Are you curious and eager to learn all about the UBA Africard?

This article will explain in detail all that you need to know, enough to quench your curiosity under the following guides:

  • What is Uba Africard?
  • Types of Uba Africard
  • What are the benefits of Uba Africard?
  • Uba Africard Requirements in Nigeria
  • How to get a Uba Africard in Nigeria
  • How to Fund and Activate your Uba Africard


What is Uba Africard?

United Bank for Africa (UBA) Africard is a debit prepaid card that is universally accepted all over the world at every visa acceptance stand like POS, ATM machines, etc. 

Uba Africard came into existence when Global Technology Partners (GTP) a foreign-based company affiliated with United Bank for Africa (UBA) which has made it available to everyone. 

It is available to everyone i.e you do not have to be a Uba customer or have a Uba account before you can request a Uba Africard.

Types of UBA Africard

The Uba Africard comes in two types – 

  • UBA Dollar Visa Africard
  • UBA Naira Visa Africard


The major difference between the two types of Africard is that the UBA Dollar visa Africard allows you to withdraw in Dollars in any UBA branch in Nigeria, while the naira card converts the foreign currencies into Naira. 


What are the benefits of Uba Africard?

There are various benefits attached to the Uba Africard, which at the same time have brought ease to its users. These benefits include: 

  • It is universally accepted all over the word
  • It can be used as a means of payment, transfer of funds, bills payment, etc.
  • The Uba Africard comes in two options, Dollar and Naira. The dollar allows you to withdraw in dollars while you can withdraw in Naira with the Naira one.
  • It can be obtained by anyone, whether you have an account with UBA or not
  • It can be used to withdraw from PayPal i.e it can be linked with payment platforms.
  • It can be managed online and come with reduced charges when used in any ATM stand in Nigeria. 

Uba Africard Requirement in Nigeria

There are requirements to be met before you can apply and request a Uba Africard in Nigeria. Although, the requirements are similar to that of opening a new UBA account.

Below are the requirements for requesting a Uba Africard: 

  • A valid means of identification such as an International Passport, Driver’s License, Voter.s card, etc. 
  • Two passport photographs
  • Utility bills like electricity bills, water bills, etc
  • A minimum of #5000 as an open account balance. 

How to Get a Uba Africard in Nigeria

If you have the above-stated requirements for Uba Africard, you can follow the steps below to get your Uba Africard: 


  1. Visit any UBA branch closer to you, approach the customer service desk and request your Africard 
  2. Fill the form with the type of Uba Africard you want together with your details
  3. You might be asked to come back after some days but in most cases, you can have it ready within an hour
  4. You will need to fund it with at least #2,000 ( Two Thousand Naira) to activate the card. 
  5. Afterward, you will be given your card with two pins. One to access your account online on and the other to be used at ATM stands, POS machines, etc whenever you want to make a transaction. 


How to Fund and Activate your Uba Africard

Once you have your Uba Africard with you, the next thing is to activate it. In the envelope given to you containing your card, there are two pins there. 

To activate it, go through the steps below:

  • Insert your Uba Africard into any available UBA ATM machine
  • Type in the activation pin given to you
  • Follow the prompt to input your preferred pin
  • When you are done, you can retrieve your card from the ATM.

To fund your Uba Africard account, there are two ways which are:

Through the Counter

To fund your Uba Africard account, you can walk into any UBA branch in Nigeria and approach the office over the counter to request to deposit money into your Africard account.


Through UBA Mobile App

All you need to do is to download the UBA mobile app, sign in and add your Uba Africard account. You can transfer funds from any of your existing bank accounts to your Africard account and know about UBA secure pass.  


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have a UBA account before getting the Uba Africard?

Answer – No, you can have a Uba Africard without having an account with UBA.

When can I fund my Uba Africard?

Answer – You can fund your Africard between 8 AM and 4 PM daily

What is the limit of the Uba Africard?

Answer – The transaction limit of Uba Africard yearly is $10,000 (Ten Thousand Dollars)

What is the difference between UBA prepaid card and UBA Africard?

Answer – The Uba Africard is accepted all over them and doesn’t require you to have an account with UBA before you can get it. Unlike UBA prepaid card which requires you to open an account with UBA before you can have one. 

Is there a limit on UBA ATM cards?

Answer – There are daily and yearly limits on UBA ATM cards. These limits depend on the type of UBA ATM card you have. 

Final Thoughts 

UBA Africard is a universally accepted visa card that enables you to make transactions, pay for goods and services online, and transfer funds, anywhere in the world.

You do not need to open an account with UBA to get an Africard but you have requirements like a valid identification, passport photographs, utility bill, and at least #5,000 as the first deposit. 

Activate your Uba Africard through the UBA ATM and fund it either through transfer or over the counter. 


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