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Union Bank Recharge Code: How To Buy Airtime From Union Bank

Looking for how to buy airtime from union bank using the union bank recharge code? Firstly, you have found the right page and I am ready to show you how to do that in this post.

Union Bank has devised an easy way through which you can recharge your line without having to stress yourself or step a foot out of your house.

Don’t worry if you do not have a smartphone, you do not need it nor do you need access to the internet to explore this option.

So, let’s get the show started.

Union Bank Recharge Code

The union bank USSD code is usually customized to perform many transactions on the union bank account.

So, you either dial *826# and select the number option written against self-purchase airtime or purchase airtime for others.

Or, you can dial *826*amount# straight up if you’re recharging the same line you registered with the bank. 

How To Buy Airtime From Union Bank

  1. For Self-Purchase

It is as easy as just punching and dialing *826*amount# like I stated earlier from the same line registered with Union bank. 

The amount is the amount of airtime you intend to top up your line with. For instance, *826*500# means you are placing a request that your line be topped up with five hundred Naira worth of airtime.

Thereafter, enter your pin to authorize the transaction. This is always to confirm that you are the one initiating the transaction. 

You will receive a prompt notifying you whether the purchase was successful or not. If it is successful, the amount will be debited from your account and your line will consequently, be topped up.

  1. To Recharge Others’ Lines

All you have to do is just modify the previous code by indicating the phone number you decide to recharge. 

Rather than just the code and amount, you have *826*amount*phone number#. For instance, you will have *826*1000*08123456789# if you plan to buy One thousand Naira worth of airtime on the line 08123456789.

Conclusively, enter your pin to finalize the transaction. You will get a notification of debit from Union bank if the purchase was successful and one from your network provider that your recharge was also prosperous.

However, there is a prerequisite for these actions. Asides performing the transactions from the same line you registered with Union bank, you have to register and activate your line for USSD banking.

You do not have to fret, it’s an easy procedure. 

Here is it:

  1. Dial the USSD code *826#
  2. Choose “Sign up/Register”
  3. Input your account number or ATM card number
  4. Create a four-digit pin to authorize all your transactions.
  5. Confirm the pin and complete the process.

It is important to note that the four-digit pin should be one that you will always remember easily and you must not disclose your pin to anyone.

It is also worthy of note that you know that there is a limit to how much you can recharge daily. The daily recharge limit for Union bank is Twenty thousand Naira only (#20,000).

In case you do not receive a debit alert from Union bank immediately (most times, they are due to network issues), you can check your account balance painlessly.

How To Check Account Balance After Airtime Purchase

Dial *826*4# to check your Union bank account balance or send a text to 20123. The content of the message will be BAL, just that and you’re good!

Final Notes

That is all about Union bank recharge code! This article has successfully given you a brief on how to buy airtime from Union bank using the unique recharge code.

Always ensure you are performing the transactions on the same phone number linked to your account number for a successful transaction.

I would love to read your reviews and suggestions in the comment section, so feel free to share your banking experience with Union bank with me.


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