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Union Bank Transfer Code: How To Transfer Money From Union Bank

Are you one of the loyal Union bank users who has been looking out for remote ways to send money from your union bank account? Here is how to transfer money from Union bank using union bank transfer code.

Union bank is not lagging in this technology wave most commercial banks in Nigeria are experiencing. Therefore, you should be rest assured that Union bank has something ready for you.

Rest! I can guarantee you will not be left out in the ease and bliss accompanying remote banking. Please note that this is not to rule out the fact that you can always go to the bank to make your transfers, provided you have the luxury of time.

Union bank offers USSD banking services where you initiate financial transactions with a code that comprises symbols and numbers and their mobile app. 

This post aims to show its readers remote ways to transfer money from UBA to other banks without getting to the banking hall. 

It will focus on the option of the USSD banking services, so hang on to this post while I share with you in a moment how to use the union bank transfer code.

How to Transfer Money From Union Bank

There are two ways to transfer money from union bank; you can either use the union bank USSD code or the union bank mobile app.

  1. Via Union Bank Transfer Code

Union Bank Transfer Code

Union Bank USSD code is simply *826#, just that. Although, you will need to register for USSD banking eligibility. You can refer to my post on Union bank USSD code to learn how to register for Union bank transfer code.

Once you do that successfully, follow this easy guide on how to transfer money from union bank to another union bank account:

  • Dial *826# on your phone
  • Select option 1 which is tagged to “Send Money” 
  • Follow the options and fill in the necessary details thereafter to complete the transaction successfully.

Otherwise, you can make a transfer directly using the following code:

*826*1*amount*recipient’s account number#

For instance, if you were to transfer 5,000 Naira from your union bank account to a fellow UBN account number of 0123567890, then you will have:


Contrastingly, if you want to send to other banks from union bank, dial *826*2*amount*recipient’s account number#

Then, follow the prompts thereafter to accomplish the transaction.

  1. Through Union Bank Mobile App

If you do not mind going all the way, you can make use of the union bank mobile app instead. It is worthy of note that this method requires you to have internet access and a smartphone.

Do you have those ready? Great!

Proceed to download and install the union bank mobile app from your phone app store to your phone. 

Launch and register on the mobile app to get started. After which, sign in with your login details to make your transfer painlessly.

Benefits of Union Bank Transfer Code

The benefits of Union bank transfer code are, but are not limited to:

  1. You do not need an internet connection or smartphone to use Union bank transfer codes.
  2. It is quick and convenient.
  3. With transfer codes, you can send money to any bank anywhere in Nigeria.
  4. The transfer limit is quite high.
  5. There are limitless transactions you can carry out with the union bank transfer codes, including bill payments, airtime purchases, etc.

These are some ‌reasons you should give the union bank transfer code a try. The advantages are tremendous for such an effortless procedure.

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Alas, we have come to the end of union bank transfer code and how to transfer money from Union bank! 

Always ensure you have the same phone number linked to your Union bank account number for a successful transaction.

I would love to read your reviews and suggestions in the comment section, so feel free to share your experience with union bank USSD banking with me.

Stay safe!

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