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How To Activate Union Bank USSD Code

Want to learn how to transact conveniently on your Union bank account without leaving your home? USSD banking is to your rescue, but I’m sorry to disappoint you. It is not magic! You have to learn how to activate Union bank USSD code to be a partaker in this.

USSD banking is a remedy for union bank customers who can’t subscribe to other means of remote banking available in Union bank. This is mostly because they do not have smartphones or access to the internet.

The procedure is an easy one, so you do not have to fear or be bothered about how to do this. You will see for yourself that it is not as difficult as you might think it is. 

Asides the activation which might have a little longer steps to follow, all you have to do is dial a collection of symbols and numbers to explore all banking services available on USSD code.

If this sounds like something you can enjoy, stick around while I discuss everything about this  Union USSD banking with you in this post.

Let’s get things underway.

What is the Union Bank USSD Code?


Union bank USSD code is simply *826#, just that. Although, you will always get a prompt that leads you to specify the transaction you are about to perform.

Moreover, this USSD code can be customized for certain banking services. Such as *826*4# for checking balance, and so many others I will share with you later in this article.

How To Activate Union Bank USSD Code

Just like I mentioned earlier, activating the USSD code for Union bank is a painless procedure that does not require any charge/fee.

So, you can get this done with just your union bank account number and the mobile phone number you registered with the bank on any phone type.

Here is the process:

  1. Dial the USSD code *826#
  2. Choose “Sign up/Register”
  3. Input your account number or ATM card number
  4. Create a four-digit pin you will easily remember
  5. Confirm the pin you entered
  6. And there you are! You just completed the activation process.

Benefits of USSD Banking

There are many benefits attached to banking with union bank via USSD services. They are, but not limited to:

  1. It is instantaneous and convenient.
  2. With USSD codes, you have access to many banking services in Union bank.
  3. It doesn’t matter your phone type; it works just fine on any phone.
  4. You do not need an internet connection to explore USSD services.

Union Bank USSD Banking Services

Some of the financial services you can enjoy with this multipurpose code are:

The List Of Union Bank USSD Code


Transactions  Union Bank USSD Code
Transfer money to Union bank *826*1*Amount*Account Number# 

>> follow the prompt

Transfer money to other banks *826*2*Amount*Account Number#
Pay Merchants *826*22*MerchantCode*Amount#
Request a loan *826*41#
Request a new debit card *826*21#
Airtime recharge for self *826*amount#
Airtime recharge for others *826*Amount*Phone number#
Cardless Withdrawal *826*7*amount#
Check Balance *826*4#
Locate a Union bank branch *826*19#



And that is all about Union bank USSD code! This article has successfully given you a brief on all you need to know about banking remotely with union bank using the USSD services. 

Always ensure you are performing the transactions on the same phone number linked to your account number for a successful transaction.

I would love to read your reviews and suggestions in the comment section, so feel free to share your experience with USSD banking with me.

Stay safe!

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