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Requirements To Open a GTBank Savings Account

Are you searching for the requirements to open a GTBank savings account? You have found the right page for your answers.

In Nigeria, banks are available in all cities of the federation. This gives anyone who wishes to have an account for the safekeeping of his or her earnings the privilege. Thus, increasing its popularity among the populace.

They offer accounts for different kinds of people and functions, for individuals and businesses, and for the lower class to the high or elites, as you may wish to call them, salary earners, and students.

One of the banks that has made a name for themselves in the country is Guaranty Trust Bank. They are commonly known as GTBank, GTB, or GTCO, as they recently announced to their esteemed customers.

In this post, we are discussing the ways to go when opening a savings account with GTBank and all that is required to get it done without stress. The first thing is getting to know what a savings account is all about.

What is a Saving Account?

A savings account is a deposit account that holds the money you don’t need or plan to spend right away.

It is an interest-bearing deposit account held at a bank or other financial institution. Though these accounts typically pay a modest interest rate, their safety and reliability are top-notch. These make them a great option for cash that you need in the short term.

GTBank offers different types of savings accounts for their customers to open, save, and benefit from. They include GTSave, GT Target, GTCrea8, Smart Kid Save, GT Instant, Call Accounts, and Fixed and Tenured Deposits Account.

requirements to open a gtbank savings account

The Requirements To Open a GTBank Savings Account

Opening these accounts requires certain documents which are to be provided to the bank attendant to complete, verify and authenticate bank accounts. 

The documents include:

  1. Utility Bill

In Nigeria, the term refers to the bill allocated to you for the electricity you’ve been supplied, used, and charged for the previous month. 

The bank expects the bill you want to present to them to be one of those you’ve collected from the electricity distribution company within the last 3-months.

By making it available, you’ve fulfilled part of what they expect of you in the account opening process.

  1. Means Of Identification

This doesn’t necessarily refer to the National ID Card the government of the country has given to you.

It may also be your Driver’s License, Permanent Voter’s card, or your International Passport. Presenting one of these further confirms your identity and willingness to open an account with the bank.

  1. Passport Photograph

A passport photograph taken in a place that isn’t dark in order to show your clear face is also part of what they expect you to present whenever you intend to open an account.

In some cases, you may need more than one. So you’ll probably need to go with multiple passport photographs to get your GTBank account details quickly.

Getting all these in hand when going to any GTBank or GTCO branch to open an account shows you are ready to make things easy for yourself. And also to avoid the stress of going back and forth.

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The Requirements To Open a GTBank Savings Account: Last Notes

GTBank has always been at the forefront of innovative ideas in the banking industry. This has endeared them to the heart of many across the 36-states of the federation. 

Their peculiar services include very reasonable requirements to open a GTBank savings account, different types of accounts to suit everyone, moderate charges on transactions, instant attention given to customers’ complaints, and so on.

Those are some of the reasons why people want to be associated with the modern-day leader in the industry, not in a way less than opening an account with the bank.

As the name suggests, you can trust them.

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