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How To Unblock My GTBank ATM Card

Your GTBank ATM card could have been blocked because you asked for it to be blocked or even without your consent, you will need to read how to unblock my GTBank ATM card.

Nevertheless, you need to unblock the ATM card to get it working once more. 

Just as you can easily block your ATM card to protect your account from any fraudulent activity in the comfort of your home, you can also unblock it with little hassle.

There is a straightforward way to unblock your GTBank ATM card, just like learning how to generate token for GTBank

How To Unblock My GTBank ATM Card

Here’s an explanation of how to get that ATM card working again:

  • Simply start by logging on to internet banking or mobile banking on your android device. 
  • Navigate and click on ”Debit Card Services”.
  • Then, click on “Debit Card Off”. 
  • Click on the drop-down menu after this. This is where you select the account number and card number of the ATM card you would like to unblock. 
  • Also, you have to state the reason for this process by entering your comments.

After this little procedure, you can then click on proceed and input the one-time password “OTP” that is sent to your registered mobile number. 

Thereafter, you will receive a confirmation on your screen that tells you the debit card is off. 

You have simply unblocked your GTBank ATM card, but that’s not all. You still need to reactivate it.

Reactivating Your GTBank ATM Card

Just like the process taken earlier:

  • Log in to internet banking and click on “Debit Card Service” but this time, you are clicking on “Debit Card On”.
  • Select the account number once again from the drop-down menu and input your reason as a comment. 
  • Select “Proceed” and enter the OTP sent to your registered mobile number. 

Again, you will receive a confirmation that indicates your ATM card is “On” once again. Moreso, there are other situations that could warrant your ATM card being blocked. And so also are several other ways to unblock it.

Other Ways To Unblock Your GTBank ATM Card

  • Automatic Unblock

Maybe you meet yourself in a situation where you enter your ATM pin wrongly continuously three times and your ATM card gets blocked. 

You can patiently wait for 24 hours to unblock your ATM card and continue the usage after this. Most ATM Cards unblock themselves after this period.

  • Apply For Card Unblock At Your Financial Institution

Your card could also get blocked for security reasons at the ATM. You can write an application to unblock your ATM card to a GTBank branch near you. 

When you visit the bank for this purpose, ensure to go with a valid ID for verification as you’ll be needing this at the counter. 

The bank will work towards the unblocking of your ATM card within a minimum of 48 hours and a maximum of five working days. You should get your card back on track after this.

  • ATM Card Renewal

Also, the bank might have blocked your card because of its expiration without you noticing. To unblock such a card, you need to get an ATM card renewal at your bank’s nearest branch. 

It will be the work of the bank to get you a new card that same day or after five days of receiving the application maximum.

  • Blocked Permanently?

There can be such cases where your ATM card is blocked permanently. This could be due to instincts of fraudulent transactions on your card, which leaves you with no other choice than to apply for an ATM card renewal. 

You go through the same process as renewing your ATM card, which will also be delivered within a maximum of five working days.

You might also want to read how to block my gtbank atm card.

Final Thoughts

Your GTBank ATM card could have been blocked due to any of the reasons stated above. 

You can take the available measures explained above to get your ATM card working smoothly again with no worries of blockage. 

You should also consider the EMV (Europay MasterCard and Visa) cards that help make dynamic data each and every time you make transactions with your card. 

This makes it almost impossible for fraudulent activities to come through on your ATM Card. Continue with easy transactions as you unblock your card today.

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