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How to Change My Zenith Bank Alert Number Online

Changing your Zenith bank alert number can be a convenient and quick way to receive notifications on account activity. This service is available through internet banking, USSD code, or phone. By following the instructions below, you can change your alert number without ever having to visit your bank. 

This article will show you step by step guide on how to change your Zenith bank alert number online without having to go to the bank.

 Zenith Bank Alert  Service 

AlertZ is a service that enables you to get notified of any transactions on your account through e-mail and SMS. This alert notification includes a transaction verification feature using a reference number which enables you to confirm transactions and guard against fraudulent notifications. So if you have not already signed up for the zenith bank mobile app or internet banking, it is best advisable to do so now before you start to change your mobile number online. 

Requirements to Change My Online Zenith Bank Alert Number

The following are the requirements you need to change your zenith bank alert number.

  • You need an active bank account
  • Your new mobile number
  • Bank mobile app or an internet banking account
  • A hardware token to generate a token number


How to Change My Online Zenith Bank Alert Number

 You can change your phone number through your bank’s ATM by inserting your card and PIN. Your profile is displayed when you log in. If you’ve forgotten your pin, simply enter your old one twice and hit the reset button.

Through the Zenith Mobile App

To change your Zenith Bank alert number, you can visit the Zenith Bank website or use the bank’s mobile app. For mobile banking, you’ll need to download the official mobile app. The app is available in the Apple Store and Google Play Store for Android users. All you have to do is to open the zenith bank mobile app on your phone and sign in to your account using your login pin.

After that, you should tap on the hamburger menu (the three-line option menu), and tap on Settings. You should now scroll down to where you will see “update account information”. On clicking on the update account information, enter your email address and your new phone number and tap on the confirm button.

 Then you should generate a token and enter it along with your mobile app transaction pin. Enter your transaction pin and then the token pin and you have successfully changed your phone number to receive an alert.

Through the Hardware Token Device

The Zenith Bank Token device allows you to transfer up to N3 million to other banks in Nigeria. This device requires you to register with the bank before you can use it. You can also use your phone number to transfer money with a partner bank. You will be asked to input the recipient’s account number and bank name. Then, enter the recipient’s PIN to confirm your transfer.

To change your zenith bank alert number online, you can also use a hardware token. What you have to do is quickly generate a token from your hardware token and enter it along with your mobile app transaction pin. You show now enter your transaction pin and token pin and you are good to go. You have successfully changed your old phone number linked to your account to a new phone number.

Visit any of Zenith Bank Branch

If you don’t have a hardware token, you can still change your alert number by visiting the Zenith bank customer care section or completing an internet banking application form. You’ll need to submit the form and pay N3,500.

The customer service representative will then give you a form to complete and verify your phone number. Make sure that your phone number is correct, as mistakes are unlikely to be detected. It may take up to 24 hours for the change to take effect, so check your alert number and bank account to confirm that it has been changed. If the change took place successfully, you’ll no longer be receiving messages from Zenith Bank via text message. Then, select “alerts” and click “change alert number.” After the form has been submitted and approved, you’ll be notified by SMS of the change.



If you’re a heavy user of ATMs, you might want to consider turning off alerts for your account. These alerts will notify you if someone has tried to change your password or profile without your permission. This way, you can avoid any accidental spending if someone else has access to your account. You can also opt to turn off alerts for all accounts to stop spammers from taking advantage of your account.


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