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How To Check First Bank Account Balance

Do you not know how to check first bank account balance? Read this post here to understand the many ways you can explore for this particular action.

Owning a Bank Account in Nigeria isn’t about having the account and saving in it alone, but knowing how to operate it effectively.

Knowing about checking your account balance is one of those ways you can operate your account without going through unnecessary stress, and First Bank has provided multiple ways to make that happen for their customers.

This post will discuss the various ways of checking your account balance as a First Bank of Nigeria customer.

How To Check First Bank Account Balance

how to check first bank account balance

  1. Checking via USSD

Checking your account balance with USSD is pretty straightforward because there is a code that has been created for the purpose.

The USSD code *894# doesn’t need an internet connection. Also, it is available to anyone who has a functional account with First Bank, an active debit card, and the phone number that was linked to the account when it was opened.

Once those listed above are at your disposal, you can move on to the registration process which is detailed below;

  • Dial *894*0#, and input the necessary details being requested.

  • It will display a list of debit cards that have been allocated to you on your screen

  • Select from the list of cards, and enter the pin being used for the card

  • Input the pin to be used for USSD transactions

Once you have completed the registration, you are now eligible to use the USSD code for checking your account balance. Detailed below is how to get it done.

  • Dial *894*00#

  • Input your USSD Pin & your account will be displayed on your screen.

  1. Checking via Mobile App

Users of the First Bank Mobile App can also check the balance of funds in their account via the FirstMobile App.

Here is an outline of all that you need to get going:

  • Download the App from your smartphone Appstore

  • Activate the mobile app by entering your valid account details for verification

  • Sign in after confirmation

  • Your Account balance will show on the dashboard of the Mobile App. If it doesn’t, click the “Check Balance” option and your account balance will appear on the screen.

The App serves other functions apart from checking your account balance, such as transfer of funds, payment of bills, purchase of airtime, request for a debit card, and so on from the bank.

  1. Check with Debit Card

Checking your account balance with your debit card requires you to move, search and find an ATM gallery. When you get to the gallery, insert your debit card, and you will need to enter your 4-digit security pin.

After that, a list of options will display immediately, select “Inquiry”. If the bank network is stable, it will display your account balance for your viewing.

You can use your First Bank debit card for many purposes. You can use it to pay bills, make withdrawals and also check your account balance.

  1. Visiting the Bank

It requires you to go to the bank and request a statement of your account from the Customer Care Agent on duty.

The agent will ask certain questions regarding your account, and you are to provide the right answers to them in order to confirm your ownership of the account.

Once you do that, the agent will hand over your account statement, which contains everything about your account, including your account balance.

Another sure way to know your account balance is the monthly SMS First bank sends to their customers.

  1. Calling the Customer Service

Getting first-hand info about the balance in your account is an easy one with multiple ways provided by the bank.

Another one is by calling the customer service numbers 1800 180 2223 and 0120-2303090, and you will receive your account balance via SMS.


First Bank account holders do not have to go through stress before getting to know their account balance. This is because the bank has made this easy for the use of their customers from the convenience of their home or office.

There are multiple remote options on how to check first bank account balance if you are willing to explore. I believe this article will be helpful to you in your search for the perfect solution to the question that has always bothered your mind for a long time.

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