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How To Get First Bank Token Device

The need to know how to get first bank token device is as important as knowing how to secure your First bank account

Due to this reason, the advent of the internet and technological advancement has further given rise to latency in banking services proportions. 

The token prevents or reduces the potency of a cyber attack on banks and their database. 

As a First Bank customer, using First bank hardware or software number will prevent you from any form of fraud or cyber-attack on your First bank internet banking to avoid being debited by an unauthorized individual.

In this article, you get to know everything about First bank online banking token devices, and how to have access to it.

What is First Bank Online Banking Token? 

How To Get First Bank Token

The First bank tokens are security applications or devices that are used to generate security codes used as second-factor authentication during an online transaction. 

The First bank token device can be a hardware or soft device that enables users to perform internet transactions without visiting a physical branch. 

It can protect you from cyber-attacks and unauthorized withdrawal of funds. First bank tokens are used to generate a unique security code for each customer. 

Activating a First bank token requires a simple process. You must visit your local First Bank branch and ask for a hardware token. 

There are two types of these token devices: a hardware device and an internet banking token. You can download a first bank token device to your device or generate a token for your account. 

Having a first bank token is a great way to secure your account and prevent unauthorized access. It is important to keep your token confidential and safe.

Also, with it, you can increase your transfer limits on the first bank mobile app.

How To Get First Bank Token Device

  • Visit a First bank branch. 
  • You will then be required to fill out a form, wait for some time for your token to be issued to you. 
  • Once you have registered for an account, they will give you a First bank token. Make sure you register with your phone number. If you have registered your phone number with the First bank, you will receive an OTP via text message. 
  • Enter this OTP into the space provided on your mobile banking app. 
  • To activate the token, you must follow the instructions provided in the message. 

You can also register your device by visiting any First bank branch. You can apply for a First bank token device online or in your local branch.

How to Activate First Bank Hardware Token

On getting your token device, you will need to activate it at once. Follow the below steps to get your token activated.

  • Download the First bank Mobile banking app
  • Then you should register and log into your account with your correct details
  • On your app, you should now navigate to “Account setting” and then select “Token synchronization”
  • After that, press the button on your newly received token and press its button, then it will generate a number automatically. Enter the same number into the first field as seen.
  • Tap the button one more time and enter the code into the second field as seen.
  • Kindly check your token frame for the actual serial and enter the same in the column provided.
  • After this, press the “Confirm button”. This will activate your token. You can now use it to carry out transactions subsequently.

How to Activate First Bank Software Token.

After downloading the soft token app, you can then use the code generated by the First bank token device on the internet to perform transactions with your First bank account. This process is simple and secure.

To access the FirstToken Mobile app, 

  • kindly download the mobile app on phone app store. 
  • Once you do that, you will need the activation code and the serial number to activate the token number. 
  • On submitting the activation code and serial number, a code will now be generated for you which is the registration code. 

You should give the same number back to the customer service officer at the bank branch. 

It is this code that will be used to activate the FirstToken app on your mobile phone and you are good to go with transactions. You do not have to be an expert in computer science to use the First bank token device. 

It will make banking with your First bank accounts easier and safer.


I want to believe you have learned how to get first bank token device. I hope you found the steps straightforward and practical enough for you.

If you encounter any difficulties, reach out to the First bank customer care center. Ask away if you have ‌questions, and also share your suggestions if you have any.

I would love to read your reviews and mobile banking experiences in the boxes below. Have a great time banking with the First Bank of Nigeria!

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