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UBA Bank Recharge Code

 Many banks in Nigeria including UBA have introduced a new recharging code to offer their users the best self-service in their comfort zone. UBA bank recharge code is very easy and simple to use or to carry out any bank transaction on mobile devices. Through these recharge codes, you can purchase airtime for yourself or your loved ones and other phone numbers that are not registered with your UBA account.

 It is now very easy to recharge your phone via your UBA account through the UBA recharge code from your comfort zone and this saves you the stress of having to go to shops or nearby streets to buy a recharge card having to battle with an invalid pin again.

In this article, you will get to know the step-by-step guide on how to recharge your phone from your UBA bank account and more self-service options.

How to Recharge From  UBA Account Using Recharge Code

UBA has introduced a service that allows its customers to conveniently perform a number of banking services directly from their mobile phones anytime and anywhere in Nigeria as long as there is network coverage at the particular location. The UBA recharge code is called *919# Magic Banking, you do not have data on your mobile phone to use this service.  With UBA  Magic Banking, you can do more. You can perform numerous banking services such as cash transfers, airtime recharge, data purchases, balance checks, GoTV subscriptions, NEPA bills payment, and many more on your phone. 

Through the  UBA Recharge  Code

To recharge airtime on your phone from your UBA account using the recharge code, all you have to do is to dial *919*Amount# from the mobile number you registered and linked with your account.

For example, if you want to recharge 1000 Naira airtime from your UBA account, dial *919*1000#  from the mobile number registered to your account, and your phone number with will be recharged immediately with the said amount. You can also recharge airtime for a friend or family member from your UBA account.


To top up airtime for your friends and loved ones, simply dial *919*Their Phone Number*Amount# from your linked phone number to UBA. for example, let’s say you want to recharge 1000 Naira for your loved ones with phone number 08122333445, simply dial *919*08122333445*1000#.

Immediately after this action, your loved ones’ number will be recharged with the said amount and your account will be deducted as well. This UBA recharge code can be used by MTN, Glo, Airtel, and 9mobile network users. There are no hidden charges or access charges for top-ups, all you need is strong network coverage. The daily recharge limit for UBA is 5000 Naira only.

Recharge Through the Mobile Banking App

You can also recharge your phone from your UBA account through the mobile banking app. All you have to do is to download the UBA Mobile App from your phone’s Playstore. Then you should open the app and log in with your Internet banking details. After logging in, go to the airtime top-up selection and follow the process there.

However, using the UBA USSD magic code for recharge is much faster and simple to use than the mobile banking application. 


Features of UBA Recharge Code

There are some features that come with using the UBA recharge code, these features include:

  • UBA recharge code is easy, simple, and convenient to use
  • The recharge code is not restricted to any network service. It can be used on MTN, Airtel, Glo, and 9mobile.
  • Your desired mobile phone will be recharged easily without any issue. 
  • A bank charge is not applied for this service
  • The maximum amount to be recharged in a day is 5000 Naira
  • The recharge code can only be used on a phone number that is linked with a UBA account. 

UBA Mobile Banking Codes

  • Dial *919*00# to Check your balance
  • Simply dial *919*Amount# to Top-up for Self
  • Press *919*Phone number*Amount# to Top-up for Others
  • Dial *919*3*Account number*Amount to Transfer to the UBA account number
  • Press *919*Account number*Amount# to Transfer to other banks 
  • Dial *919*32# to Load the UBA Prepaid card.
  • Press *919*5# to Pay Bills
  • Press *919*30*Amount# for ATM cardless withdrawal.

All these banking codes are used for daily activities which makes them very essential to human needs.



I hope you have learned how to use the UBA recharge code to recharge and perform many of your daily activities with these codes.

The recharge code is safe to use, secured, and very reliable to use, they are available for you to use within 24 hours.  Do you know you can also know how to UBA mobile app? Find out in our next article.

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