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Minimum Balance For UBA Savings Account

Are you a UBA Savings Account holder? Do you know there is more to having an account apart from saving and withdrawals? One detail hidden to some people is the minimum balance for UBA savings account.

This post is all about enlightening everyone about the accounts being offered by the United Bank for Africa and the minimum balance expected to be left in each to remain functional.

Hence, stick around while I show you in detail the minimum operating balance for UBA savings account. 

Let’s get busy!

Features Of UBA Regular Savings Account

  • N2,000 opening balance
  • N1,000 minimum operating balance
  • Lodgment of dividend warrants and cheques

Benefits Of UBA Regular Savings Account

  • Third-party cheque deposit (N2M max.)
  •  Flexible opening balance
  • Third-party transactions allowed
  •  Unlimited number of withdrawals
  • Withdrawal either by cheque or withdrawal slip
  • Attractive interest rates
  •  Flexible operating balance
  • Access to digital banking products & services

Minimum Balance For UBA Savings Account- Regular

UBA bank expects your regular savings account to have a minimum of NGN2000 to remain functional.

However, the Bank may resort to closing the account of an individual if they have left it for a long time without the stipulated minimum balance or more.

Requirements For Opening UBA Regular Savings Account Without ID

  • Only a passport photograph required
  • Utility bills are unnecessary

Requirements For Opening UBA Regular Savings Account With ID

  • A valid ID (international passport/driver’s license/National ID/voter card)
  • Passport photograph
  • Utility bill

Without a doubt, what is left for us is to get acquainted with the ‌savings accounts being offered by the bank for its customers to open, and the minimum balance of each account.

Types of UBA Savings Account.

  • Savings Account For The Self Employed
  • Savings Account For Employees
  • Bumper Account
  • Kiddies Account UBA
  • UBA Teens Account
  • NextGen Account UBA
  • UBA Diaspora/Expatriate Account

Minimum Account Balance For Different UBA Savings Accounts

As stated by the financial institution, the stipulated minimal fund that should be in the UBA Bumper Account is NGN5,000, the same as The UBA Kiddies account and the UBA NextGen Account.

The UBA Savings Account for the Self Employed has no amount stated as the minimum by the bank, and the same law applies to the UBA Savings Account for Employees.

The UBA Diaspora/Expatriate account is another account that you can operate with no minimum balance.

Also see UBA savings account transfer limit


United Bank for Africa is resolute in its mission to provide a lot of choices and benefits for its customers in and outside the country. This has shown in the number and types of accounts on parade by the bank.

Undoubtedly, I believe you have known about and chosen your preferred account based on the minimum balance you will love to have in your account.

Above all, try to visit the nearest UBA branch to your abode and get started.

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