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How To Check BVN Details Online Access Bank

Are you an Access bank customer who wants to know how to check BVN details online? You have found the right page because I will be showing you how to in this post only if you would read till the end.

It is not impossible to misplace the notepad you wrote your 11-digit bank verification number. Also, I would understand if you say you do not hear know it off-hand, it’s such a long number.

Without a doubt, the banks also understand our plight and have come up with easier ways for us to access our BVN at our convenience.

This post promises to show you every way possible to retrieve your bank verification number, so you need not worry if you lost it.

Hang around, while I give you a rundown of the different options available for this purpose. Let’s begin.

Just before we dig in deeper, let us briefly uncover what BVN is for the benefit of those who do not know. 

What Is BVN?

How To Check BVN Details Online Access Bank

The bank verification number is an 11-digit number that is uniquely assigned to everyone who owns an account with Nigerian commercial banks. 

It is a onetime issuance that every bank user is expected to link to all of their functional bank accounts. The Central bank of Nigeria introduced this to curtail and monitor frauds, thefts, and other financial crimes.

The bank verification number contains details like the customer’s date of birth, fingerprint, name, age, passport photograph, etc.

How To Check BVN Details Online Access Bank

Fortunately, Access bank has done more than good to their users by providing different convenient options to retrieve their BVN details. The ball is in your court to choose whichever you find pleasing.

The ways are:

  1. Checking BVN Details Via USSD Code

This method of using USSD code to check your BVN details for access bank is the most explored option by the access bank customers. 

This is because it is a very convenient and straightforward method. It does not matter whether you own a smartphone or have access to the internet.

The principal requirement is to have the mobile number that you linked to the access bank account. 

Once you have that, just dial *565*0# to check your BVN details, irrespective of your network provider.

The other requirement is to have some airtime left too because your network provider will deduct a token of twenty Naira (#20) from your line.

  1. To Check BVN Details Online Using Access Bank Mobile App

Just as this reads, you are about to check your BVN details using the access bank mobile app. If you do not have that before, you have to download the app from your phone app store and install it on your phone.

After the installation comes the compulsory registration, fill in your correct details as you righteously follow the on-screen prompts.

For those who have had it and those who just downloaded it, sign in to the mobile app with your correct login details.

Then, click on “Profile” and hit “Show details”. Your BVN details should be staring back at you by now if you followed due process.

  1. Checking BVN Details Via WhatsApp Banking

Have you heard of Access WhatsApp banking? It’s fine if you haven’t, this is how it works. Save up Access bank WhatsApp line, 09090901901, like you would with a friend’s line. 

Then chat them up, stating your request to retrieve your BVN details. They might need you to provide some personal information, though, but you will get your request granted right there and then.

  1. Through Customer Care Support

This is quite uncommon, and this is because many do not know it’s a pretty easy method. Here, you are just reaching out to the customer care unit of Access bank. 

Table your request and get your BVN sent to you. You can get their customer care contact on access bank website.

  1. Visit The Nearest Access Bank branch

This is the most popular and highly explored way of checking BVN details for Access bank. Visit the nearest access bank branch to you and locate its customer care service unit. 

Make your request known to them, and you will get your BVN details after providing a few correct information.

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And that is all about how to check BVN details online for Access bank. I wish the post fulfilled its promise for showing you how the different ways possible to check BVN details for access bank users.

So, all you have to do is choose whichever suits your preference and doesn’t require more than you can provide.

If yes, do well to share this post with your family and friends. Drop your comments and/or suggestions in the comment box below. Also, ask away if you get stuck with any of the procedures outlined above.

Undoubtedly, banking has become so much easier!

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